Apex Legends APK v1.1.839.46 for Android/iOS/PC (Unlimited Money)

Apex Legends APK is a first-person shooter game with a battle royal game and released for free on all three PC platforms, Xbox One and PS4 EA, or more specifically responsive. This game is a lot of skepticism because this is the first time that EA has developed a Battle Royale game. But Apex Legends is a good game.

Apex Legends APK

According to the evidence, the game reached 10 million players after the three-day premiere. What an amazing amount! However, we still need more time to check if the game can be as successful as Fortnite as PUBG Mobile.

About The Application

In the Titanfall universe, the Apex Legends APK Battle Royal game adds a bit of spice to games like Team Fortress 2 or Overwatch. Each game consists of 60 players divided into 20 teams. You play one of the eight available legends and interact with two teammates to see the last remaining team.

Apex Legends APK Download

Apex Legends APK

Name Apex Legends APK
Version 1.1.839.46
Size 72 MB + 2.65 GB
Update 1 day ago
Requires Android, iOS, Windows


Features Of Apex Legends APK

  • Although this is the first version, I do not feel the delay in the check. Everything is very flexible and smooth, the only thing you can not walk the wall like Titanfall.
  • Battle Royale is a different game, the game allows you to swing the rope, jump on the walls and slide down the ramps.
  • If your team has disadvantages and wants to escape, unfortunately in this case this is the most effective way to slip the slope.
  • It is important to know that you will not lose your HP if you jump from top to bottom. That is, you can climb to the 20th floor comfortably and stay safe.
  • The Battle Royale item remains the same in the opening game.
  • You and 59 other players jump on the map from one plane. Choosing a starting point has a big impact on the position of your match. Then you need to quickly find the necessary equipment, weapons, and armor to be ready to pick up all the enemies. The teamwork required If your team wants to win, the developer agrees.
  • If a friend falls into a game, you still have a chance to revive it if you pick up his banner on time and take him to the location on the map.

Information From Eight Legends

Bangalore (real name: Anita Williams, 35): She is a great soldier. Born into a family of 5 siblings who joined the IMC fighting force, he demonstrated his unique fighting skills and became the best soldier in that force. Anita's main weapon is a grenade launcher, she has the ability to move with flexibility and the ultimate skill: asking for help with air force bombing.

Bloodhound: Not much information about this character. This is the hunting animal that has the ability to follow the path and hide the players with the ultimate skill. He is a bloodthirsty hunter.

Caustic (real name: Alexander Nox, 48): The best scientist at Humbert Labs, a master of the use of toxic gases. All his skills are related to Nox, he wants to use Nox to make traps and grenades.

The Final Verdict

The character element is a difference between games of the same genre in Apex Legends Apk. Each character has a unique ability that we will mention below, so your character choice can unlock many special tactics, making the game more enticing and unpredictable.

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