Auto Chess Mobile Mod Apk v2.10.2 Download for Andriod

Auto Chess Mobile Mod Apk Inspired by the computer version of Mobile Chess, it was originally an arcade mod for the popular DOT 2 online MOBA game. Featuring all the heroes and units from the main game. Auto Chess allows players to apply different team tactics and compositions. Admire the enemy's chess table.

Auto Chess Mobile Mod Apk


As the official version of Auto Chess on mobile chess platforms, Auto Chess Mobile introduces players to a new chess experience to control new sets of characters and units that will challenge their opponents to a full-game update.

Here are the things you may not even see in PC mode. So be prepared to be surprised.

Auto Chess Mobile Mod Apk Download

Auto Chess Mobile Mod Apk

Name Auto Chess Mobile Mod Apk
Version 2.10.2
Size 110 MB + 1.51 GB
Update 1 Day Ago
Required 5.0 +



Check out all the exciting features the game has to offer:

Easy to Play, But Takes Time to Master It

First, you can easily identify the game. You will start with some heroes and a bit of gold to rent your units. Depending on the enemies you can choose a number of formations and compositions to start. Choose the right units and leave them on the chessboard. Then let the enemies attack because the chessboard will play itself. However, as you progress, the game becomes even more difficult. Be prepared to learn many new things.

Different Races and Unit Types

The game introduces the various units included in some races and classes. Depending on race and class, each unit has its own skills and abilities. In addition, there are special options that are useful for some units as you move away. However, you need to increase your units and keep their mana high so that you can activate their special abilities.

Choose the Right team Composition to Defeat the Enemies

Because they are completely different in the unit, players will find that they have different tactics and strategies when it comes to battles. Usually, you need to pay attention to the compositions of enemies and their units to make your decisions. Or if you have confidence in your team, you can choose your game and follow the enemies. In addition, training is also important because it affects the way your units move and attack. Make sure they are smart.

Bonuses Team

Another thing is you can pass classes and races on-field units to give a lot of bonuses to your team. This is called synergy, and each synergy gives your team a huge advantage over enemies. Synergies are displayed right on the screen when you are in the field so you can see exactly what bonuses you have.

Bring Useful Items to Boost Your Chess Pieces

To enable a unit in the field, you can increase and upgrade your statistics. Or you can also provide new items so that your unit has extra capacity. This seems to be the most important thing, especially when you and your enemies are running out of cards.

Enjoy the Game With Online Players From all Over the World

When we play alone, all of these games are pretty sad. That is why you will find Auto Chess Mobile Mod Apk a lot of fun and entertaining.

The Final Verdict

Here you can play against online players from around the world on a global server. Meet and make friends with some of the best Android players as you try to explore the deep and interesting Auto Chess Mobile game.

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