AutoResponder for WA APK v2.8.8 Download (Premium Unlocked/MOD)

AutoResponder for WA APK

When dealing with multiple posts, we often enjoy writing our answers, especially if you are in the business of repetitive questions and queries, mainly because you provide the same answers.  It’s always best to enable your autoresponders on a particular messaging platform so you have time to do other things.

About The APK

And for most of us who use WhatsApp for both personal and business communication, Autoresponder is a great mobile app that lets you set up automatic replies for any message. Make yourself work with the default settings or freely customize the answers with your advanced tools. All this will allow you to enjoy this awesome mobile title.

Learn more about this great SW Studio mobile app and all its features in our full review.

Name AutoResponder for WA APK
Version v2.8.8
Size 11.48 MB
Update 1 day ago
Required 5.0 +


What does it do?

That Autoresponder will typically act as a WhatsApp client for your WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business, allowing you to connect to your messaging apps and enable their useful features.  Feel free to use the original Android API to enable automatic replies to messages when you're busy.  Use the features provided to customize the answers to your liking and always enjoy working with convenient messaging platforms.

Customizable Settings

Enable customizable settings for some of your contacts. Activate many automation tools that can work even without you. Send responses to specific messages or keywords. 

Use live reply to swaps to further customize your messages with a few questions. Activate multiple answers in one line. Feel free to ignore any contact. Automatically sort your answers. The list goes on. All of this will ensure that your messaging bot will enjoy it as much as possible.

Great Features of Autoresponder

Here are all the exciting features the app offers:

Simple and Accessible User Interface to Work With

For starters, Autoresponder allows Android users to quickly identify the simple and accessible app on their mobile device, thanks to the app’s intuitive interface.  Encourage yourself to browse the app and its features so you can quickly configure your messaging bot and use the features in the app.

Works with WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business

Autoresponder allows Android users to easily interact with your business’s chatbot on WhatsApp and WhatsApp.  Encourage yourself to enable the autoresponder option so that you can enjoy all the features and functions of the application on these two messaging platforms.

Customizable Options for Individuals and Groups

Here at Autoresponder, Android users can choose to send their autoresponders to contacts or groups without much hassle. Just select a few contacts you want to work with and group them for quick setup options. Or you can select individual contacts and enable their specific automatic responses. The multiple and specific feature of Autoresponder lets you fully enjoy your beautiful mobile app.

Reply to all Messages With Multiple Automation Tools

For those interested: you can now choose to reply to all messages using the Autoresponder automation tool. It allows you to interact with the app using the many tools available, each providing unique responses and preferences for the messages you address. Stop the application if you are in the process of replying to all messages or some recipients. 

Apply multiple rules to your answers or activate multiple answers to one rule. The various Autoresponder options ensure that you always enjoy the app.

Enable Replies to Specific Messages

With Autoresponder, Android users can choose to enable their specific responses for specific messages. Do not make your own settings before receiving messages. Or choose to do the answers after receiving the texts. Feel free to save these answers so you can use them later.

4.8 / 5 ( 52 votes )

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