AVG AntiVirus Pro Mod Apk 6.50.0 Download (Unlocked, Cracked)

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App Name AVG AntiVirus Pro Mod Apk
Publisher GBPlus
Size 41 MB
Latest Version 6.50.0
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Required 5.0+
Update 20 hours ago
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AVG AntiVirus Pro Mod Apk: There are several reasons to consider Android as one of the best antivirus programs on Android devices. The app will not work for protecting your phone from the inside, but it does improve performance and battery usage. Here are some things you might find interesting:

AVG AntiVirus Pro Mod Apk

Features Of AVG AntiVirus Pro Mod Apk

Safe Protections

For most phone users, you may face many threats from unreliable applications and files. Therefore, it is important to have an Android app to protect your phone from damage. AVG AntiVirus Pro Mod Apk frequently scans all applications and files on your system; ensuring you are properly informed and protected from potential threats.

In addition to the files and applications that are on your system, there are also threats to browsing online websites. That’s why AVG conducts tests to make sure you’re protected on every website you visit.

Monitoring Of Wifi Connection

In addition, the app can monitor your Wi-Fi connection to make sure it is secure and no one is using it without your permission.

And especially if you spend your time socializing on the internet, you will definitely want good identity protection. That's the protection an integrated AVG VPN should use.

Improve Your Phone's Performance

Another thing about the app is that it keeps your device super smooth and fully usable. It frequently scans your system to find unnecessary applications that drain your battery. During the process, even unused applications that slow down the device should be closed. This way, your Android phone can convert faster than ever.

Unlimited Storage

In addition, you can search for redundant files that use limited storage space on your devices and delete them to free up space. Recycle bin files are usually ads, crawl data, thumbnails, and the like. All they do is slow down your devices so it’s better to delete them.

It’s nice to have an unstable internet connection when you’re doing important things like downloading or uploading an important file. With AVG AntiVirus Pro Mod Apk you can check your WiFi connection to see if it is still stable or if there is a source of application usage. You can eliminate interruptions to improve the speed of your internet.

Protect Your Phone From Potential Thieves

If you’ve lost your phone, most of the time you probably think it’s gone forever and can’t think of a way to get it back. However, if you have AVG AntiVirus Pro Mod Apk installed on your devices, you can easily locate your lost phone using GPS and Google Map. Even if the phone is turned off, it will send a signal after it is turned on. Therefore, you can see the current location of your devices.

To help protect your privacy from the problems of guest users you’re trying to protect, you can hide your privacy and set encrypted passwords to protect them. That way, no one will know where your files are unless you tell them where.

The Final Verdict

Moreover, users can create a lock screen using wallpapers as per their preference. And within the screen, you can create text messages to let the thief know that your phone is encrypted correctly, to prevent them.

And if the thief opens your device open, the app will secretly take his photos in front of the camera and send them to your email address. In addition to photos, the app can use the recording function to record videos and sounds, making life very easy for the thief.

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