Battlefield Combat Genesis Mod Apk Download 5.1.6 Unlimited Money

Battlefield Combat Genesis Mod Apk - 2050 years after 20 years of Battlefield Combat Events: the final settlement of the Nova Nation is in humanity. Under the power of the super steel company Origin, the technology reached the pinnacle of genetic engineering and the nervous system.

Battlefield Combat Genesis Mod Apk

The planet of the main colony, the new beginnings in New Nova ... But competition and hatred also went to many of the heroes on Earth. Inside, a fate remains for the infantry warlords: the blood feud in every part of the country is a battle group of commandos, snipers, snipers, snipers, and assassins. A true supernatural version of the game.


You are the commander of the army of the Mars New Empire, trying to bring peace to the war zone. As the best sniper and gun commander, you have to control them with their amazing strategic skills. After a few months of fighting, your army came into battle ... but the unexpected happened ...

You lost contact with bases in the Takara region 20 hours ago, and the Martian has an alien satellite he saw in the sky. Your intelligence has learned about heavy weapons. They are tough and they repeat your defense. Your grandfather heard the voice of duty again ... at this moment the enemy is unknown!

Kodlabs Studio, Proud Battlefield Combat: Genesis is a realistic first-person shooter simulator. A portable strategic sniper in battle is associated with cold combat like a battlefield gun. A variety of weapons, enemy challenges, and a deeper story await!

Battlefield Combat Genesis Mod Apk Download

Battlefield Combat Genesis Mod Apk

NameBattlefield Combat Genesis Mod Apk
Size83.6 MB
Update1 Day Ago
Required2.3 +



  • The pressure of a sniper as a soldier is reflected in the boundary line
  • Challenge endless waves of AI enemies
  • Various weapons, optimization, and expansion
  • The real shot from your weapon
  • Over 70 future insights are carefully designed
  • Real 3D graphics are optimized for different devices
  • Build your base!
  • Learning is easy, it is more difficult
  • Completely free to download.
  • You remember the future and modern struggle

vWhat's New?

  • A new multiplayer mode has been added! Epic field as a team fighting the 4th army team!
  • Better loading time for the menu.
  • It is compatible with Intel CPUs.


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