Boom Beach MOD APK v44.243 Download (Unlimited Money)

Boom Beach MOD APK

In the game, Android players will have the opportunity to discover a long journey across the vast ocean where they will fight the evil force Blackguard and drive these pirates from their hiding places. Build your own strength as you take the sea out of the hands of enemies. Bring peace and prosperity to the islands where these criminals became slaves.


In addition, you can join exciting raids and battles for the defence of the tower along with millions of other players around the world. Use the different units and buildings they provide to create beautiful bases and powerful armies.

Name Boom Beach MOD APK
Version v44.243
Size 129 MB
Update 1 day ago
Required 5.0 +


Features Of Boom Beach MOD APK

Here are all the great features the game has to offer:

Build Your Ultimate Tropical Retreat and Conquer the Islands

Start your final journey to set up your headquarters on the shores of a remote island in Boom Beach.  Build various buildings and facilities to collect and produce resources. Protect your resources with heavy towers. Start recruiting your troops and start your attack against the headquarters of others to get terrible prey. Challenge Blackguards or other nearby players. Encourage yourself to explore and conquer tropical islands while winning prizes.

Complete various missions to eliminate the evil Blackguard

Learn about completing various missions as you begin your journey to Boom Beach. Unleash them on the dreaded Blackguard as you gradually discover their evil plans through numerous stages and levels. Take on the epic bosses of the game and win.

Moreover, you can explore the whole huge tropical archipelago without limits. Discover the magical power of Living Crystals as you take on a new great challenge.

Join millions of online players in invasion battles

Along with the single-player campaigns, it will be fun to play online at Boom Beach. That said, you can join millions of online players in this awesome Boom Beach game. Discover different online games where you can immerse yourself in endless battles of aggression against other players.

Build your formidable army and strengthen your defenses

To prevent the habitat from being attacked by enemies, Boom Beach players can build forts and towers to protect their islands from enemy attacks. Arrange the walls and towers properly so you can optimize your defences against enemies.

As for the Expeditionary Army, you can also build different buildings in the game and acquire new troops to fight against your troops. That said, you can build your own army with different troops with special powers and abilities. In addition, you also need a strong hero to lead your men into battle. These are the characters with big bonuses and big bonuses that can benefit your entire army. Make sure you choose your tactics carefully.

Control valuable resources to upgrade your various armies with your troops

And to enable your army to create invasion battles and strengthen towers, you also support several upgrade options available to your army. Again, you must control the island's precious resources, do new research, and unlock upgrades to your troops. Many new versions with special effects allow you to upgrade your army as needed.

Enjoy co-op behavior with the exciting Task Force

Those interested can also take part in exciting co-op missions with the Task Force. Here you join other players as you immerse yourself in exciting and addictive cooperative challenges against enemies and protect islands. While dealing with common enemies, all conflicts and differences should end.

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