Brave Conquest Mod APK 1.4.2 Download (One Hit Skill)

Brave Conquest Mod APK is set in a fascinating world, where legends are created by blood and fire. To build your repairs, your staff changes various tasks and accumulates valuable resources.

Brave Conquest Mod APK


Invest in your troops and technology as the new era progresses. Challenge your opponents and resolve your conflicts on battlefields. Hire multiple units with different skills and apply different strategies to help you win the game.

Throw out enemies and go to new lands, become the best conqueror in the world of Brave Conquest, and establish your sacred kingdom as you progress.

Brave Conquest Mod APK

Name Brave Conquest Mod APK
Version 1.4.2
Size 97 MB + 344 MB
Update 1 Day Ago
Required 5.0 +



Create Powerful Kingdoms From the Beginning

During player time, players have the option to participate in exciting development activities. Manage resources and staff to slowly build your foundation. Give citizens repairs so they have a roof over their heads. Let your staff perform various tasks and collect valuable resources. Create your mighty army to be ready for any challenge your city wants to take. Or you can attack their land to get valuable prey.

Managed Own Economy to Support Your Troops and Citizens

In the world of Brave Conquest, players are given the opportunity to work in a completely independent economic system. If your residents are homeless, you can build new homes. If they want more food, you can get a farm. If they need other services, you can provide essences. City Island 5 - Tycoon Building Simulation is like playing offline, but this time they will take you back to medieval times.

Surrounded by enemies in all directions, you need a strong army to give your capital and protect your valuable assets. However, maintaining the entire army will cost you some resources. Make sure your economy is at risk.

Build Your Own Troops

And speaking of which, at Brave Conquest, there will be many units of different classes for rent. Choose the right units to match your army composition and use your battle tactics. You can experiment with early team compositions, create your own adjustments and defeat opponents. Strength is not all in Brave Conquest, because your army needs your tactical management to achieve victory. Enjoy epic battles between two armies as you fight. Win winners in intense battles who can decide on a nearby residence.

Hire a Powerful Hero to Lead Your Army Into Battle

To give your army more fighting power, players can also take on special heroes to lead their troops in battle. With a unique set of skills, our heroes will be more effective in dealing with enemies. Upgrade your mighty heroes and unlock their potential. Choose carefully, because the heroes have a lot of trust in you.

Explore New Kingdoms and Collect Tons of Treasures

With an extensive campaign map, Brave Conquest offers players many opportunities. Travel the panoramic view and discover hidden gems. Assemble your people and start building.

Join Millions of Other Players Online

With over a million players online, Brave Conquest players are never alone in this world. This is a good thing because you are not just talking to monsters. But the competition will also be fiercer.

The Final Verdict

Compete with enemies to get first place in the ranking system. Protect your bases from enemy attacks and organize all attacks on enemy facilities.

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