Bully: Anniversary Edition APK Download (Mod/Money/Offline)

Bully: Anniversary Edition APK

The game is basically a version of the critically acclaimed version of the plague made for the popular PlayStation 2. Here players can play the entire game as they did in the main experience.

In addition, the Bully Anniversary Edition also offers several additional features for you to enjoy. Not only that, but for the first time, Bully fans will enjoy the gameplay for many games.

Join missions as you complete missions or simultaneously await epic challenges. Time to explore your new school and make new friends. See how a child with a problem can fit in and enjoy his or her life in high school, especially in relatively still-fragmented school.

Name Bully: Anniversary Edition APK
Version v1.0.0.19
Size 2 GB
Update 1 day ago
Required 5.0 +


Features Of Bully: Anniversary Edition APK

  • Simple and optimized operation

For starters, Bully: Anniversary Edition players are introduced to simplified and optimized touch controls so they can enjoy the game on mobile devices. In addition, the smart controls have enough customization to make the game more fun.  This includes hard and curved controls.

If you are not in virtual touch controls, the game also has the help of a physical controller. Therefore, you can keep your gamepad connected to your devices and enjoy such console behaviour whenever you want.

  • Enjoy the whole Bully story

In addition, there is a gameplay mode introduced in the original version of Bully and beyond in the game. With additional missions, characters, and new items to unlock, Bully players will find many new things to do. Even if you have played this game on PS2 before, you will not fail with this game.

  • Show some lessons on the school plague

Find out in this school that you live a unique life in this school, where corruption happens every day. No one will listen, even some teachers and officials are not trustworthy.

You can put your fortune on close friends and only yourself.  Find yourself engaged in bullying at school and other corrupt teachers. Show who is the top student by challenging you to epic challenges and teasing the teacher with your clear outline.

  • Meet new friends and improve your relationships

In addition, you can also meet them with the friendliest people in town. Become friends with them and make friends. Give him gifts and help him fall in love with some of his businesses. Who knows, you may need their help someday.

It’s impossible to say you might meet your high school girlfriend here. Win love and friendship with Bully Anniversary Edition.

  • Travel the world in many cars

As a high school student, may be different from other Rockstar Games, but you’ll be surprised at how many cars are in the game. That said, players can start with something as simple as scooters, bicycles, mopeds to more advanced cars like the Riding Mower or Go-Kart.

  • To pick up different weapons

To pick up warriors with more numbers, it is important to be prepared to pick up some useful weapons. That said, the game has all sorts of “kids’ weapons” like a stylus, fireworks, smelly bombs, marble bags, spray paint, and more.

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