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Chess Rush Mod Apk is a strategy game in which players choose to fight in a multi-chess battle. Each of you has control over one part of the chalkboard. There are many champions to choose from each with their respective abilities and capabilities.

Chess Rush Mod Apk

You start with a hero and a certain amount. After each level, you will earn more money and experience to buy more heroes and level up. And at the same time, opponents will face the same challenge.


And once you collect enough heroes and money, you can start building your team compositions. Depending on the heroes you have, there are different tactics and strategies for your team. That said, the game will be very lively and fun at the same time. Become a smart leader and become the best complex team you can do against opponents.

Chess Rush Mod Apk

NameChess Rush Mod Apk
Size93 MB
UpdateFebruary 22, 2021
Requires4.1 +


Features Of Chess Rush Mod Apk

Here You Will Find all the Exciting Features the Game Has To Offer:

  • Smooth and Stable Automatic Chess Experience

For starters, Chess Rush provides a pleasant and enjoyable experience for any Android player. This allows players to focus on small things to play quickly. That said, you can get into the game and start the automatic chess battle if you wish. In addition, the requirements make the game more suitable for low-end devices. That is why more and more people are enjoying Chess Rush devices.

  • Enjoy the Game as Fast and Exciting as You Want

It is also made for mobile Chess Rush Mod Apk users as it allows players to quickly enter the game of chess. Plus, in addition to the usual 40-minute games, you can usually play fast games that usually take less than 10 minutes. Try the new turbo mode and experience it at a fast pace. That being said, you can easily delete Chess Rush games on the go or during lunch breaks, and more.

  • Fully Playable

Yes Here at Chess Rush, you can't win money. This is what you need to gain through experience and skill. The gameplay only focuses on the strategic aspect as it allows players to enjoy classic chess car racing with small in-app purchases. During games, you can only use your skill and skill to win against enemies. All you can do with money is buy unique avatars, outfits, and more. That said, you will enjoy the perfectly fair play.

  • Receive Free Prizes Every Day

Those who are quite active in the game can win dozens of great prizes. That said, you have to enter the game every day to receive daily rewards such as complete missions and challenges to get epic skins, essential boxes, and more.

  • Play For Free

Despite its exciting features, Chess Rush is still free to play, which is pretty cool. That said, you can install the game on your devices without paying anything. No matter what the good behavior, you do not have to buy anything.

The Final Verdict

Graphically, Chess Rush Mod Apk is a great platform for mobile. All characters are well designed with great details and themes. In addition, 3D battles are easy to access the board. Not to mention the amazing skill transfer of the creators and attacks will make every fight more believable.

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