Clash for Dawn Guild War MOD APK v1.8.9 Download (Dump Enemy/Damage)

Clash for Dawn Guild War MOD APK

Clash for Dawn: Guild War - Action games have always been of great interest to people because they are quick to play and focus on fighting. It helps players satisfy their mood and reduce stress when they are free to do what they want.

About The APK

You also focus on the battle to stay awake, which also speeds up over time. Think of the genre of role-playing games; you can fight hard, temporarily forget the real world, enter a completely different world, depending on each person who likes different types of society. 

There are people who want to join the battles of American gangsters, some like the anime world and many others like the medieval world. This makes the RPG market the most diverse and prevalent in the gaming market today.

Name Clash for Dawn Guild War MOD APK
Version v1.8.9
Size 44 MB
Update 1 day ago
Required 5.0 +


Join 1 Million Players for the Best ARPG Action on Mobile!

LEDO (HK) CO., LIMITED is a gaming publisher founded in 2014 and eventually released a product called Clash for Dawn: Guild War in 2015. Since then, they have not released a new game focused on adding a version and client updates who take care of this game.

Research on the Products

The results they achieved match the efforts made by this research on enthusiastic products.  The game creates a community of over a million players around the world and at the same time, the number of people online is always high. 

 Over the past month, they’ve also released more updates to give players new and more functional heroes to use the power of The Arena of Mercenary, Bounty Appointment and New Dungeon: It’s an exciting place to go to the new 7th Illusionary Palace.

Features Of Clash for Dawn Guild War MOD APK

  • Get weapons, choose factions and fight

If you decide to enter the medieval European world built on the game Clash for Dawn, a community of one million players around the world is ready to help you.  But more importantly, the installers have a new player care system that always works.  All you must do is pick up your weapon and choose your fighting style. Whichever way you choose, the goal is to face Justice to defeat the dark forces and destroy the leaders of the most dangerous dungeons.

  • Killing to enjoy peace

At this point the Dark Lord disrupted the Age of Peace.  Killing him is the only way to give a happy life to the people here. The City of Light has taken over a legion of Luxis living bodies and is slowly disappearing. But this fight is not over. Because Angeli’s heroes are slowly revolting and have the power to turn things around.  You are also one of the chosen ones.  Are you brave enough to respond to the call of this sacred mission?

  • Play missions with friends

Gameplay is easy to control as you use an analog stick set and 5 skills to fight your character in different ways. Players of CO-OP Dungeons must come together to dive into the night and challenge the worst monsters. 

  • Win and take home the best prize

If you win, you take home the most important and valuable prizes. In the battle between CO-OP leaders, players must use their powers and teammates to face epic bosses. There are also factional battles, The Brotherhood of The Order, and battles for power and glory.

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