Classic Bomberman APK 2.0 Download For Andriod (Unlimited Money)

Classic Bomberman APK

Find yourself in the Classic Bomberman game where you will meet your friends on epic bombing adventures. Use your powerful explosion to blow up buildings and your opponents as you find a safe place to stay away from enemy bombs.

About The APK

Engage in exciting gameplay as you engage in exciting single-player missions or battle with friends and online players in exciting multiplayer challenges. Collect combat hobbies to strengthen your characters and increase your chances of survival while eliminating others.

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Name Classic Bomberman APK
Version v2.0
Size 3 MB
Update 1 day ago
Required 5.0 +


The Story

In the game, players will see themselves as firefighters and will participate in bombing raids against friends and other players around the world. Immerse yourself in endless fun and exciting actions as you try to conquer and eliminate them with your bomb sets. Eliminate all players to win the game.

Upgrade Your Bombing Missions

Collect as many fans as possible when you start the game to upgrade your bombing missions with longer damage areas, more bombs available, faster explosions and more. And don’t think the game is over when they kill you. Instead, you can also affect the game by attacking other players, especially those they have knocked out, and by dealing damage to their characters. It remains a fun game and you will never get out of the competition.

With a variety of single-player and multiplayer game modes, Bomber Friends players will enjoy everything they have played.

Features Of Classic Bomberman APK

Here you will find all the exciting features that the game offers:

Enjoy the Classic Bomber Game

For starters, Android gamers can view the classic and authentic Bomber game on their mobile devices. With well-optimized controls for your touchscreen devices, the game has enjoyable gameplay that lets you fully enjoy the iconic Bomber-style gameplay. Feel free to control your characters with the convenient touch controls.

Immerse Yourself in the Endless Bomber Experience on Your Mobile Devices

In addition, to quickly enter players into the exciting gameplay, you can access simple, intuitive start levels. As you progress, you will gradually move into more difficult habits with new levels. Find yourself as you navigate 6 different worlds full of exciting features that you make. Take over 300 levels to reach the top with Bomber Friends with more difficulty.

Get Different Powers and Stay Away From the Curses in the Game

And unlike the original Bomber game, in this new bombing game for your Android devices, players will know that they get different powers during the bombing. Find a shield to protect yourself from exploding enemies, unlock more bombs in your arsenal, unleash more powerful explosions, increase speed so you can drive faster and more. There are many different advocates to face the bombing challenge.

Avoid Swearing and be Not a Bad Amp

On the other hand, you should avoid swearing and not like a bad amp. In many effects, these curses can have different effects on your characters, such as shrinking, slowing down, taking more time to launch the bomb, and so on.

Encourage Yourself to Customize Your Characters for a More Enjoyable Bombing Experience

Even those interested in a more personal experience with the adventures of Bomber Friend can easily get a variety of customization characters. That said, you are free to choose a nice new hat, wear new outfits and switch between different accessories. In fact, you are.

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