Cover Fire Mod APK 1.21.14 (Money/VIP/Enemy) For Andriod

Cover Fire Mod APK: In the game, Android players will find themselves exploring the dark world of the future, as Terracorp enslaved the whole of humanity and put us all their tracking. Worldwide famine, disease, and war continue to rage, for man will never know peace. Though incarcerated, with a strong military affiliation and ruthless mercenaries, there was no attempt to expel even one.

Cover Fire Mod APK


As a veteran of Fighting soldiers, in the movie Cover Fire: Shooting Games, Android players will encounter epic and challenging challenges from shooters in an attempt to defeat the evil alliance that leads the world while defeating your evil team soldier in charge.

Mankind cannot survive the oppressive system and many of them are looking for an incentive to release the anger that has been hidden for so long. And they need that smart driver. Be aware that their paths light up and show them the paths to follow as they seek freedom.

Cover Fire Mod APK Download

Cover Fire Mod APK

NameCover Fire Mod APK
Size28 MB + 278 MB
Update1 Day Ago
Requires4.1 +



Here are all the Great Features the Game has to Offer:

  • Touch Control Options are Simple and Accessible

For starters, Android players in Cover Fire: Shooting Games have access to simple and accessible touch controls, along with intuitive instructions and tutorials that allow them to quickly and easily immerse themselves in this great shooting game.

That said, players can have a lot of fun with their fighting games and exciting shooting mechanics. Explore the simple and enjoyable gameplay of mobile shooters as you effectively shoot enemies with precise shots and desperate rescue of the hostage.

Use these simple touch controls to quickly guide your characters to desired destinations, constantly and accurately looking at enemies to get well-executed shots.

  • Discover Deep and Fascinating Stories

And at the same time, you are completely connected to the fascinating game stories about the traitor Tetracorp and your latest quest to throw them. Encourage yourself to perform many exciting in-game actions with challenging story style and in-game experience. Play with different behaviors, with unique shooting experiences in different configurations. Enjoy the best action stories with the futuristic setting of the war world.

  • Enjoy a Great Shooting Technique

To make the game more interesting, Cover Fire: Shooting Games Android players do not have access to the classic FPS shooter experience, but instead, the game offers a great tactical shooter.

That said, it is possible for Android players to control their skilled soldiers through epic controls. Be their leader and control your enemies in battle. Feel the heat of battle on the field and expect the outcome of each decision, take the best steps to defeat the enemies effectively with your combined skills.

Have a team with great skills and abilities to deal with enemies with ease. Challenge yourself in awesome shooters' missions, take out enemies in many configurations, and enjoy a thrilling mobile game.

  • Gather your Ultimate Team to Participate in the Battles

And while we have it, Cover Fire: Shooting Games Android players also get the chance to immerse themselves in great shooter experiences. Assemble a powerful team of your assassins with different characters, each with their own unique skills and abilities.

The Final Verdict

Hire hackers to enter enemy computer lines, clear important targets from distances to snipers, let someone lead, and with your good tactical thinking, you are responsible. Have fun defeating different enemies in different situations and enjoy this great shooting game.

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