Dead Cells MOD APK v2.7.8 Download (Unlocked, Unlimited Cells)

Dead Cells MOD APK

Dead Cells is one of the best offline action games on Android, in a very classic pixelated art package. Central Metroid Vania is a naughty, full of evil battles that are reduced to a ton of unlocks. This lets The Prisoner gain new skills and weapons for continued play. You will die and come back stronger and slowly wipe everything out.

Dead Cells was one of the most unique products at the time of its release. While most developers want to create a big, bright world of 3D gaming, Dead Cells is profiting from that trend when it comes to old 2D graphics platforms. However, in recent years it has become one of the most unique and fascinating games in the gaming world.

General Information

Metroid and Castle Vania are two game monuments since the 1980s that not only get attention as the quintessential game, but also have a huge impact on many subsequent games. It inspired the two of them to create a new genre of 2D action games called Metroid Vania. Metroid is a combination of the game’s open screen structure and the broad, coherent gameplay elements common in Castle Vania.

Many developers use this idea to develop games. Symphony of the Night tries to bring out the feel of a popular experience, but they still have a unique brand. This is something very rare games like Dead Cells can do.

Many of the Dead Cell’s platforms are officially released today. The player character is an unknown warrior with no face. He woke up in a cave that resembled a huge maze of many moving dots between regions.

Name Dead Cells MOD APK
Version v2.7.8
Size v1.7 GB
Update 1 day ago
Required 5.0 +


Background Story

The crucial moment for Dead Cell to come of age was in May 2017. The game launched on Steam shelves labeled Early Access. This is an important step. Dead Cells has a good relationship with the players. However, there was friction and more vulnerabilities than expected from the design team. Dead Cells players do not use the best weapon system.

Investigation shows that the first Dead Cells EA played differently. The player did not play as expected by Motion Twin. They always choose a safe position and wait for the best moment. They always seek complete safety by playing like a headless machine.  But that’s not the way Dead Cells is. This is a bad piece that loses the meaning and essence of Dead Cells.

How do You Play Dead Cells?

Be Gentle and Patient

Every time you enter a level, you always want to succeed quickly. But in Dead Cells, careful exploration will help you go beyond the single-player screen. Be sure to collect all the Power Scrolls in each level to maximize health, damage, and all other bonus mutations. Then gradually follow the master innovations, looking for drawings, hidden places, and powerful enemies. This will help you move forward and open additional levels of follow-up.

Don't Unlock too Many Weapons

As you collect drawings, use cells to unlock weapons, mutant abilities, and abilities. When you unlock a weapon (combat, long range, or hidden) as an ability (grenade or trap), it moves to a round of items you can find. Unlocking too many, especially weapons and products you don’t use, can make it hard to get your favorites. 

When in doubt, place the cells in the mutant section. These are not random and permanent updates like Health Flask. And whatever you do, don't unlock Spartan Sandals.

Break Down the Door and Step on it

This action is noisy. Instead of slowly opening the door, turn it over or knock with the weapon.  Enemies, on the other hand, will take damage and get confused if they get too close together. You can hit and damage enemies by trampling on them by pressing the button and falling a second time. When you go this way, you don’t want to be overwhelmed, which usually happens if you fall too high. You just must discriminate more with the help you give other people.

Defeat Elite Special Runes

When playing Dead Cells, you will encounter powerful Elite level opponents. For most, killing these people will give you a necklace with special bonuses and other rewards. But if you’re in the right place, you’ll find a room dedicated to a select monster. You know when to lock up. Defeating this monster will give you Runes, unlock switches between races, and gain access to new areas.

Recommended Alternative Reward Path: Awakening

Animus is different from the previous two installments of the game, where the sense of battle and discovery is inspired by Dark Souls. Way of Retribution: Awakening takes the action game to the next level very quickly. This makes players think that it is a true mobile version of Dark Souls.

In this game, players will create their own custom characters such as changing their appearance, body, and gender. In addition to the ability to choose classes like Warriors or Wizards, Way of Retribution: Awakening will direct your character in your direction.

What’s more enticing is that even if players have an old phone, they can experience Way of Retribution: Awakening at 60 FPS. It is a mobile game product that is highly optimized for mobile platforms on both Android and iOS platforms.

Last Word

Thanks to this great feature, the Dead Cells MOD APK has received an enthusiastic response from gamers on the platforms powered by this game. The band has received numerous prestigious awards from the global game industry, including Top 5 indie games. 

Best of all, the game was voted Best Action Game in 2017 by IGN and Best Action Game at The Game Awards 2018. Not only that, but Dead Cells also received almost full ratings on review sites around the world.

The appeal of this game comes from its graphics platform. The gameplay is attractive, modern and many from difficulty to fun levels.

 Many players compare it to Dead Cells Dark Souls, a city landmark known for its incredible poverty.  Dead Cells has led many players to buy new controllers because they are too inhibited.

4.9 / 5 ( 50 votes )

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