Disorder Mod Apk 1.3 b23 Download for Android (Unlimited Money)

Disorder Mod Apk: This is the whole future in 2030, but not always what we expect. No green forests, no clean cities, no fully developed facilities, nothing.

Disorder Mod Apk

The game takes place in the post-apocalyptic future, where humanity has suffered the destruction we have inflicted on ourselves, using powerful but deadly nuclear technology for violent intents.

The Story

So here we are, in the ruins of a civilization built by our ancestral generations. Moreover, there are still wars between different factions around the world today.

Your job is to bring peace to this world at war. Play an exciting game while discovering the wonderful world of Illness.

Disorder Mod Apk Download

Disorder Mod Apk

NameDisorder Mod Apk
Version1.3 b23
Size71 MB + 1.43 GB
Updated1 day ago
Requires4.3 +


Features Of Disorder Mod Apk

  • Powerful Factions

Take advantage of the latest movie experiences. Players will face powerful factions with nuclear weapons in your quest to eliminate deadly weapons. You can also join online players in exciting online battles. Here are some of the most exciting mixing features:

  • Improved and optimized touchscreen controls

Most of the time, most players are unlikely to know about the touchscreen, especially if you are playing a sharp game like Disorder. This is not the case with Disorder because the game has improved and optimized touchscreen controls so you can really enjoy the operating system. Capture various enemies, use handy controls to avoid attacks and shoot with great accuracy.

  • Different Ways to Play

For starters, players can experience the world of excitement by taking single-player missions. Choose your characters and discover their different stories. Each character gives you a new story and access to unique sets of missions. Complete it with great honour because you will also win important prizes.

And if you think you prefer not to play offline, you can join Battle Royale games online with other players around the world at any time. Compete for the real title and take on cunning and expert players from around the world.

  • Playing Very Tactical

With the many available characters, you also have permission to create different group formations. It adds a lot to the tactical elements of the game, allowing executive players to practice various tactics to get closer to the game.

You need to use the skills of each team member so that your team has more skills compared to the others. Think of the right approach as you lead your team to success.

  • Play For Free

Despite all the great features, you can play the game for free which is an immersive shooting experience, intense and very tactical gameplay and you can discover many items for a full free price. What else can you expect?

Visibility and sound quality

  • The graphics

As someone mentioned, this game is similar to Apex Legends and even better, it is a mobile game. So, beautiful and realistic 3D images are really appreciated. Here at Disorder, you will experience real shooting games with precise physics.

Also, the character designs, visual communication and visual effects are done very well making you feel like you are on a real battlefield with the apocalyptic setup in the future.

However, keep in mind that you need a full phone with a hardware game. For low-end users, it will be difficult to get a stable frame rate, even considering how this game is played.


With powerful soundtracks, it's hard not to put your whole heart and soul into every action in this game. In addition, specific sound effects will make all scenes realistic.

Download the latest Disorder 1.3 Android APK and enjoy.

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