Family Island Apk 2022178.1.19302 for Android (Unlimited Diamonds/Energy)

Family Island Apk is an agricultural adventure game about a family of four. Bruce, Eva, and the children are trapped on a secluded island. Without modern technology, they need your help to create a new place and experience different family life situations with humor and fun. After their former city was destroyed by a volcanic eruption, this family built a thriving city. They are reunited with the missing family and the beloved surname tribe at the same time.

Family Island Apk


Family Island offers Rock Age adventures. You are not affected by modern technology or machines. Your family should get used to the usual tools of working in an unfamiliar land, planting crops, and talking about useful goods with different characters. Players can customize the farm with lots of decorations and find interesting secrets on the island.

How do You Play Family Island Apk?

Found on a secluded island, a family of four along with couple Bruce, Eva, and her two children desperately need you to help them build a new home and start family life again. With lots of fun activities and lots of funny situations, Family Island will bring fun for the players. Melsoft Family Island farm management is fun. They are the developers of the game My Cafe: Recipes and Stories. The game lets you enjoy an action-packed adventure on a tropical island full of surprises.

After Bruce and Eve destroy the Old City in a volcanic eruption, you can help this family build a thriving city while interacting with the lost family and loving tribe. In this fun farming game, his world seems old and strange without modern technology. Family life and the relationships between them are as close and friendly every day as the world is today.

Family Island Apk

Name Family Island Apk
Version 2022178.1.19302
Size 76 MB + 106 MB
Update 1 Day Ago
Require 4.1 +


How the Game Goes?

You started life on Family Island Apk with the help of a family living on the island. Help Bruce and Evari build everything they need to survive and manage all natural resources. You should also visit the island if your life is not in danger. Players start Family Island APK with a short tutorial that demonstrates basic controls for mastering every task on the island. You need to explore all you can and find useful items to use in this adventure to fulfill the requests or needs of your family.


  • Family Island gives players a limited number of energy points that they must use wisely.
  • If you run out of energy points, you cannot continue working until you have enough energy for each mission.
  • Remove some items to earn special items and enter the game collecting items from all over the island.
  • As you explore new locations, expand your inventory and resources.
  • From now on, players can combine them to find and create new recipes.
  • The game is similar to previous farm management games.
  • Planting, harvesting, and producing production takes time to produce finished products.
  • However, this game does not have a traditional gold coin system.
  • Products are front-end components that increase production capacity and technological level.
  • Unlike a general simulation game that prepares you for urbanizing the ground early in the morning.
  • Players have to open the ground in accordance with architectural and planning trends.

The Final Verdict

It fits the story of the game and gives players more freedom. The tradition of making players feed is also perfectly inherited. Like the slow frequency of consumption in cafes, this game uses a physical system to limit the rapid development of players.

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