Fap CEO MOD APK Download v1.105 For Andriod (Unlimited Money)

Fap CEO MOD APK - In this game you are the CEO of a small business, responsible for hiring employees, managing them, and finding ways to grow your business. If this company is true, I can confirm that you are the worst person in the world. How about Your employees are great women, very kind and of course you are the only man in your company. In addition to building your business, you can find ways to connect with them and invite them to dine.


Became a Talented CEO

As a Game Dev Tycoon, Fap Director’s behavior is basically managing and building your business. If your company is still young, you only have one employee. Work hard, make money, hire more employees, expand your office, keep working ... This is how you grow your business. In short, your company is investing in video chat. You get beautiful girls to chat with and you do a lot to attract a lot of viewers, which is profitable.

Get a Hot and Pretty Girl

I am a simple person so this is the part I like most about Fap CEO. Every day your company presents many beautiful girls for jobs. You can rent, train and earn income while they work as long as you have enough money to pay. Your first employee is Amber, a hot secretary with yellow hair and a blue dress. Then you can hire more staff and expand the office. Don’t forget to upgrade your staff so they can bring in more money.

Version v1.105
Size 56 MB
Update 1 day ago
Required 4.2 +


Fap CEO MOD APK Version

Hiring a new employee usually costs a lot of money. If you want to hire a beautiful girl but have no patience to wait for company benefits, use our APK version of Fap CEO MOD. The game gives you an endless amount of money so you can take and upgrade your staff at any time. You can also add or buy expensive decorations for your office.

For a business game, staff has to combine and support the work, and eventually, you have to nurture their potential. It’s also hard to ignore their looks and will surely surprise everyone. Each character has a different look and outfit, and they’re well-adjusted to perfection because it’s hard for players to take their eyes off them.

When you run a game business, you can see how carefully you observe the game’s behavior and your background. It gives players a complete picture of how to manage their staff. At the same time, this space will be gradually filled, you can hire more staff and everyone wants to have a great team.

How Do You Use MOD?

To get a lot of money in the MOD version, you need to complete the first part of the game (Company First Sale). Then, if you’re in the next company, go to the CEO’s office and click the green arrow icon and reset the ability to get more gems.

Download Fap CEO MOD APK For Android

Modern life makes it harder for men to find a mate. This is more common in developed countries such as European countries such as Japan. Despite being a successful CEO as the main character in this game, he has never had a serious relationship. That’s why Fap CEO is a great solution for guys like me to learn how to find a girlfriend. Please note that this game contains adult content and is at least 18 years old.

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