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Flippy Knife Apk offers a wealth of different types of knives to play with. You can choose from various popular types such as windmill, machete, kunai, pair AK, and AK tree.

You can buy some with the coins you collect in the game. But there are also some types that should be open for the purpose of ads, some of which provide transcripts of daily presence.

Overall, Flippy Knife is a great arcade game to pass the time. It helps you do knife tricks that you did not dare to do in real life. For example, juggle a Kanata or AK and throw pear noses at the target.


You can also play without an internet connection. So while you wait for the bus if Wi-Fi is not available, 3G is locked and a great option to switch to options that will not pick up your phone signal.

Flippy Knife has unique gameplay. The player throws a knife while the tip of the knife falls to the wooden surface - different types of games with different challenges. Players must purchase enough knives to unlock a new game mode.

Flippy Knife Apk Download

NameFlippy Knife Apk
Size57 M
Requires4.1 +
Update1 day ago


With behavior similar to Flip Flipping, Flippy Knife is a very entertaining game that simulates a realistic knife game. The player controls the knife by turning it to the correct targets.


While this game is simple, it is full of challenges. Players must calculate carefully and, more importantly, have a lot of patience when participating in this game.

The poem by the name Flippy Knife is also reminiscent of the cursed bird Flappy Bird. And you guessed it, this game is as difficult as raising a bird from the dew.

Flippy Knife is a fun collection of knife games.

Each game has a different way of calculating points and playing differently, but in general, it is "sour", you will not be able to search the game screen hundreds of thousands of times.

Moving the blade is quite impressive. You launch the blade from left to right like angry birds so that the blade can fly and stick its nose in front of the tremor.

Flippy Knife introduces a unique feature called "physics". Knives are made on the principle of physical reproduction.

The weight, shape, and position of the blade affect the way you fly, turn and your nose fits the target. When fired in the same direction and with the same force, the clamp produces a different result than a machete that is longer, heavier, and has a different shape

Graphics and Sounds

Beautiful 3D graphics create sharp knives and swords with a certain radiance on the blade. The image of the game is built in bright colors, with animation to change the light and dark.

The Final Verdict

Players of the Flippy Knife Mod APK find it very difficult because throwing a knife is entertaining and requires players in a variety of ways. The game also surprises players by creating a new, unique knife with shapes that the player does not expect. Enter the Flippy Knife now and become a master knife!

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