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GB WhatsApp Download

In today's era, we all are well aware of the most common and secure communicating application that is WhatsApp APK which already has very exciting and useful features but we brought you the more updated version of this app with much more interesting and exciting features that is GB WhatsApp APK Download. This application is the latest and updated version of WhatsApp that has some new features that you will love and enjoy. So basically it's providing you with the most demanded premium features for free without paying a single penny. This application is best for respecting your privacy. It can allow you to turn off your active status while being online and can also allow you to view your friends and family's statuses without even showing them. You can also hide your last seen while you can see the last seen of your other contacts. It also allows business people to communicate with others by providing you with messages.

App Name GBWhatsApp APK
Android Version 4.3 and Above
Version Latest Version
Total Downloads 8,000,000+
App size 71.2 MB
Root Required Not Root Required
Main Purpose Mod of WhatsApp with the Extra Features
Last Updated 1 min ago

GB WhatsApp Download

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What’s GB WhatsApp Download?

Gb WhatsApp APK Download is the new version of the standard version of WhatsApp which allows you to enjoy new amazing features now, it has more privacy concern features and also has many more options for which you had to download multiple apps now don’t damage the speed of your android devices by downloading multiple apps for multiple functioning because Gb WhatsApp is a full package which is a multitasking application. So feel free to download this app and enjoy the amazing features without paying a single penny.

What is the MOD of GB WhatsApp APK?

First of all its free to download and secondly, this mod has a user-friendly interface, this mod allows you to pin 3 chats at the same time and allows you to send more than 80 media pictures videos, etc at once isn’t it so exciting as old WhatsApp version allows you to only send 30 pictures and stuff that's a quite boring and sluggish feature, the best part of this mod is when you can download the status of other people without even asking them, also in normal WhatsApp you can't put the status of more than 30 seconds but our this GB WhatsApp allows you to post status of more than 30 sec.

Why download GB WhatsApp APK?

We will fully recommend you to download this application on your Android, as this application is secure and safe to use and it has such fascinating features that you can say it's in one application. Who would not like to stand out in a crowd of millions of people using this application makes you unique because this has these amazing options to use that not everyone is aware of, one of the best features that amaze and attracts me most is this option that you can read deleted messages isn't it a little bit fun to have this feature? Also, you can use the DND mode of this app without putting your whole phone on DND. Hurry up, download this dream app now and have fun.

What is the best feature of GB WhatsApp APK Download?

Here are the best features of this application

Copy Any Status

Now with this spectacular app, you don't have to ask for their status, you can directly copy that without even letting them know. Isn't it an amazing app that cares about your privacy and security?

Share Unlimited Media

In the normal WhatsApp app, you have a limit of sharing media up to 30 files but here in GBWhatsApp you can send or share more than 80 files at once which allows you to be quick and fast and it also saves you time. Enjoy using these features, don't delay downloading it now.

Mark as Unread Messages

If you have not willingly or randomly seen a message that you didn't want to respond to at the moment so you can unread that message inside GB WhatsApp and then in that chat so later on you don't forget to reply/respond to that message. Indeed this is one of the amazing and best features this app has.

Upload Long Statuses

You know well that the standard version of WhatsApp allows you to upload the status in only 30 seconds which is quite boring and not user friendly, but here in this app you got an option to upload the status in as long a second as you want. Download this app now and enjoy its best features and also share it with your friends to have fun together.

Hide Your Active Status

This app has a feature that allows you to hide your all active statuses furthermore you can also keep private your typing last seen status and also user can hide their recording status while recording any voice message. It allows you to not let anyone keep track of your activity on this app.

What’s new in GB WhatsApp APK Download?

There is so much new to this version that is beyond expectations. Also, you can say it is in one application that offers you many different features in one platform. You can hide your activity status, hide while typing recording, and even can view their status without letting them know also you can copy their status without asking them and the amazing part are you can upload a status of more than 30 seconds and share more than 80 files at once, and this won't disturb mode is beyond imagination.

How to Download GB WhatsApp APK Download?

So get ready to download GB WhatsApp APK the cracked mod for Android through the GB WhatsApp APK

Easy Steps Below:

  • There is a ‘download the box on this web page, you have to then find it and tap it.
  • ​The download for GB WhatsApp APK Download version will begin.
  • Once when the download finishes, Open your smartphone and go to Settings then to Security Settings.
  • Now, Select ‘Allow Access to Unknown Sources’ or give GB WhatsApp APK DownloadVersion free download access.
  • ​Open the GB WhatsApp APK Download from the Files folder and start using the app.

GB WhatsApp APK Download Web/PC Download

You can download GB WhatsApp APK Download on a Windows PC with the following simple steps:

  • ​Open up any Browser. Search and download the Blue stacks program.
  • ​Now open it. Search for GB WhatsApp APK Download And Enter the key.
  • ​There will be a list of apps, click on all others.
  • Now click on the 'install now’ Option to install it.

How To Install GB WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version?

To introduce this application, you got to erase some other mods of GB WhatsApp APK Download then follow these steps:

  • Select GB WhatsApp APK Download Icon from Files After you have enabled these settings.
  • The APK will open with a pop-up asking for install permission for GB WhatsApp APK Download
  • Click install now and enjoy


Is GB WhatsApp APK free to download?

Yes definitely this app is free to download.

Does GB WhatsApp show deleted status?

Yes, GB WhatsApp can help you view and download status media even if your friends have already deleted it.


GB WhatsApp APK download is indeed a blessing with benefits. It provides security and safety to your data with much more features to enjoy and have fun with. It makes your WhatsApp so entertaining that you never get bored of it. So why not give it a try? Follow the step to download and install the app to get these amazing features on your old WhatsApp.

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