Genshin Impact APK Download 2.8.0_7997424_8078355 For Andriod

People are looking at Genshin Impact APK as a four-year milestone to end Tencent’s dominance in mobile gaming. Speaking of the mobile gaming segment, many people will immediately think of the dominance of Tencent and this gaming company worldwide. Tencent games like Honor of Kings and PUBG Mobile have continued to dominate the mobile gaming market in terms of revenue for many years.

Genshin Impact Apk

About The Game

The last time a mobile game took the dominance of Tencent games was Pokemon GO. It was released by Niantic in July 2016. Today, after more than four years, there is a name that does that again. Genshin Impact is currently the most popular game in the world.

According to Forbes, Genshin Impact has earned $ 240 million (mobile games only). This huge revenue will be surpassed by miHoYo Honor the Kings and PUBG Mobile products in October to bring it to the global mobile gaming market. Mobile will end Tencent's dominance in mobile gaming over the past four years.

How do I Play Genshin Impact?

The story begins with two close siblings and an unexpected event takes place. Both people must fight anonymously. The divided goddess pushes a lost player character into the mysterious world of Tivat. You will be reflected as the main character in the story that comes out of this world to this continent. You are free to travel in this wonderful world, make friends and find the seven gods with the item until you find your lost brother.

Genshin Impact's entry into the wider world that will take players on adventurous journeys will make friends explore a beautiful and vibrant world called Tivat. Players can choose a brother or sister character for their journey. The game has an open-world map. This way, players can freely explore every corner of fun games.

Genshin Impact APK Download

Genshin Impact Apk

Name Genshin Impact APK
Version 2.8.0_7997424_8078355
Size  355 MB
Update 1 Day Ago
Requires 5.0 +


Features Of Genshin Impact APK

  • Players will explore the fascinating world through movements such as jogging, jumping, climbing, swimming, or flying in the air.
  • The navigation buttons are well equipped to help players manipulate them with ease. Another thing will have a lovely Paimon next to you.
  • She is a spouse who also helps you in the formerly difficult adventure.
  • At first, the character controls are pretty simple and useful, since you only have one main character. But then, after accepting new members, it makes sense to look at the lineup of four people from the individual selection for each challenge.
  • Each battle requires a lot of skill and knowledge from the player to complete the tasks.
  • Genshin Impact APK takes you to a huge virtual world with a beautiful and sparkling context.
  • This place is full of interesting things, stories, magical people, and amazing challenges for players to explore, learn and conquer. Genshin Impact offers players comfort and excitement in this open adventure game.

The Final Verdict

Genshin Impact APK is also a gacha game. But this game does not force you to spend as much as you like. The layout of the game screen is difficult enough for free players to continue playing, unlike many other online games.

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