Hay Day APK v1.55.93 Download (Unlimited Money/Seeds)

Hay Day APK

Hay Day is now the most popular farming game on mobile devices. Hay Day’s behavior is similar to other fun farming games like Farm City and Green Farm 3. The game maker builds it on a sharp graphics platform with enticing characters. This article aims to introduce readers to a short lesson on how to play mobile games on Hay Day.

About Hay Day APK

Players should keep in mind that Hay Day is an online farming game. Your phone or tablet requires a 3G or WiFi network connection during playback. Since it is an online game, Hay Day’s capacity is smaller than many other farm games. It does not eat a lot of hardware resources and affects the speed of access.

The Hay Day board game is smooth, simple but equally attractive to trade in a variety of crops, animals, self-made and agricultural products. The game is perfect for nature lovers who want to feel like a real farmer.

Name Hay Day APK
Version v1.55.93
Size 171 MB
Update 1 day ago
Required 5.0 +


Egg Collection

Hay Day’s first lesson is how to collect eggs. Chickens are also a player’s first friends on Hay Day. It is very easy to operate. Hold the coop and pull the basket of each chicken to get the eggs. When the chickens are hungry, they eat it on the ground.

Feed the Chicken

Touch and hold the chicken feed icon to eat on top of each chicken. Eventually, he will have the power to lay eggs for us to collect. In the beginning, the game will give you a few chickens. To increase that number, go to the online store in the lower-left corner, drag each chicken from the store to the barn.

Your farm receives regular visitors. It can be a farmer, neighbor, or new friend. Click to see what these characters have to say. The visitor of the first day will ask you to name the farm. Usually, the default name is your Game Center username, but you can change it.

Harvest and Buy Items

To buy everything for the farm, including cattle and birds, stalls, fences, trees, buildings, and decorations, visit the Hay Day online store in the lower-left corner of the game screen.

Play With Friends

Items in each level are limited by quantity. This will unlock others at higher levels. So don’t worry if they aren’t ready to buy from you yet. The bottom right corner of the screen is a humanoid icon consisting of an assistant, a friend, and a follower. Log in to your Facebook account to find lots of friends playing on Hay Day.

Buy For Your Farm

The bakery is the first item you need to buy for your farm. Open the section on how to build an online store, drag the bakery icon to buy a bakery, and place it on the farm in a convenient location. This red position means it is not suitable or there is not enough space to locate this project.

Touch The Toaster Icon

It should be in the middle of the field to facilitate observation and harvesting at the right time. Touch the toaster icon and then drag the cake into the oven to bake. And for that, you need enough wheat. Hay Day does not sell seeds like other farm games. After each level, the number of seeds is restored.

Baking Process Easier

Calculate Hay Day time based on the exact time. Therefore, any planting or baking process takes a few minutes and you have to wait for it to finish. However, you can speed up the process by clicking on the lightning icon if you don’t want to wait. Each operation costs a diamond.

Extension To The Mountain

Then buy a feed mill to make feed for farm animals. Tap the machine and drag to process the chicken feed icon. You need five minutes for this stage. Corn and grains are combined in poultry feed. This unlocks level 6 beef food.

Lots to Raise

Hay Day gives you six lots to raise capital. Tap each plot. Then pull the seeds to sow wheat and corn. In a short time, the seeds will germinate and it is time to harvest. Hold the seeds and drag them to each box to plant the packaged seeds.

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