Heroes Charge Mod APK 2.1.332 Download Latest (Unlimited Money)

Heroes Charge Mod APK is a mobile game with a unique game based on the curves on the horizontal screen. At first glance, the heroes of the in-game are fighting in a self-combat mode. But later, the strategy of the game will be clear, because the outcome of the match depends entirely on the thinking of the player.

Heroes Charge Mod APK


If you enter the game with Admiral, Emberstar, and Leaves Shadow, you will get two more heroes from the original two boxes. After the initial movement and completion of the new system sequence, Chaplain and the Lightning Master Hero were added to the list of two. The five main heroes will accompany the players until they open a box of 288 diamonds.

Stages of Game

The first installment of Heroes Charge is pretty simple. Some early stages need to calculate a reasonable skill if they want to get three stars. Admiral Hero will be the main key to the original base gang capable of admiring and destroying enemy abilities.

Heroes Charge Mod APK

Name Heroes Charge Mod APK
Version 2.1.332
Size 143 MB
Update 1 Day Ago
Requires 4.1 +



  • In this training, players must increase their ability to easily defeat heroes with AoE abilities such as Emberstar, Lightning Master, or Admiral. In addition, the Chaplain is useful in the ability to heal his entire team, which is a wonderful skill that Chaplain has had the advantage of many players until later.
  • As for Leaves Shadow, he is a powerful late hero, This raises both the level of ability to slow down the opponent and the high level of criticism.
  • At the end of the second chapter, the players switch to the elite card. This is a unique sub-version with heroes similar to the normal version, but getting stronger.
  • With this add-on, the player will spend more than twice, but Soul of the Hero will be accepted. This is the material used to upgrade the hero and choose new heroes.
  • In addition, the Leaves Shadow beads of Elite help upgrade their precious soul prizes to two stars.

How do I play Heroes Charge?

Thanks to the overall character-based design in Dota and integrated throughout the action genre of mobile devices, Heroes Charge has recently become a phenomenon on both Android and iOS. If you are a Dota fan, Heroes Charge is a great opportunity to relax after a fierce battle that requires intense concentration.

Heroes Charge is perfect for entertainment with breaks and free time. However, you can play online so much content for players to explore and it is important for ratings. The following section provides some tips on how to play Heroes Charge games more effectively in less time.

The Event of the Day is a Priority

So how do you get started? The answer is: prioritize daily events. You do not have to work hard to plow. If you have some time to play, pay attention when doing daily chores. These goals are almost endless and can be achieved whenever we cross a certain level.

Daily events are worth watching while playing. These events provide a great experience for the team. Fill them out quickly and easily. So fitness is a priority for daily activities.

The Final Verdict

One thing to keep in mind with Heroes Charge is whenever you lift your team or be free from day-to-day events. But sometimes your client's condition is complete. That is the question: will the physical condition you get just reach the limit and you will lose the extreme physical condition? Many players will try to play until they are almost exhausted.

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