Hexonia Mod Apk 1.1.37 Download for Android (Unlocked)

Hexonia Mod Apk: An interesting strategy game and an exciting strategy management game will captivate you with intense combat, strategic actions, and leadership qualities that you can master by playing the game. To start your royal history, choose a tribe and start evolving to make it a great kingdom. Expand your territory by conquering other cities and towns, upgrade your new buildings and castles to increase your golden income, and hire the best warriors, knights, archers, and other heroes to fight bravely for your kingdom. Attack other kingdoms and gain great glory with a victory.

Hexonia Mod Apk

Turn-based Strategic Gameplay

The user will take part in the battles of empires, the main purpose of which is to occupy enemy countries. In each level, the terrain has hexagons and is random, so the player must have the skills to navigate the changes and be constantly alert. As a force, players can use a large number of units. High quality audiovisual, simple interface, and convenient operating system you will enjoy the game.

Are You a Fan of Tactical Games?

Want to find a game that will help you express your thinking skills and tactics? I can introduce you to some of the most popular games today, such as Clash of Clans or Clash of Royale, an upcoming game that offers the same experience as Civilization. Hexonia Mod Apk is known as a strategy game, for generating wealth based on colorful images. By participating in this game, you can build a strong empire and conquer neighborhood kingdoms. First, let’s look at the context and story of Hexonia.

The Story of The Game

When civilization was created, people learned about the formation of the kingdom, the development, and expansion of the territory, as well as the timing of the wars on the continent. Cities and emirates are being built everywhere, striving for prosperity. Gradually hatred and jealousy arose, and the danger of strife arose.

Hexonia Mod Apk

Name Hexonia Mod Apk
Version 1.1.37
Size 84 MB
Update 1 Day Ago
Required 4.0 +



  • In this game, you are also entitled to a kingdom and your mission is to build your kingdom and become stronger. So how do you strengthen it?
  • Building construction, attracting people, economic development, expanding territory, searching for raw materials, ... through war.
  • So the first thing to do is build a strong army to fight against the surrounding kingdoms.
  • First, they offer you a small army. Then try to do a lot of work to get resources.
  • Military units are also gradually unlocked including Warrior, Archer, Cannon, Knight, Spearman, Swordsman, Bomber, Admiral, Knight, and more.
  • Hexonia Mod Apk offers the option to hide troops and, if you have enough resources like gold, do not forget to upgrade to have more fighting options.
  • As shown, Hexonia is equivalent to a civilization. The game process starts from the wild time.
  • But the more time you play, the more modern the time, and the technologies will always be unlocked, they will be updated.
  • At that point, many warships, cannons, and high-tech weapons could be purchased to take advantage of the war.
  • In terms of gameplay, the battles taking place on the map are made up of hexagons.
  • You choose the ability to move or interact with your opponent. However, you also need to calculate all your turns because Hexonia is a strategy game.

Final Verdict

The struggle to survive has begun. Are you ready to fight them and develop your kingdom? Come to Hexonia and live it. All the challenges are waiting for you.

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