Homescapes APK 4.4.4 Download Latest Version For Android

Find another beautiful and relaxing adventure if you go to Austin Butler from the famous Homescapes APK on his last trip to his place of birth. Here you will find you enjoy an exciting competition because Austin helps you to change your old family home.

Homescapes Apk

Go back to the right situation and feel relaxed to play three interesting games. Receive all decorations and adjustments you can apply to your country home to make it a good home once home and discover dozens of great game experiences that you feel right away at home. Read more about this great title in our opinions.

Homescapes APK Download

Homescapes Apk

NameHomescapes Apk
Size148 MB
Update1 day ago
Required4.2 +



The story begins the game with our beloved Austin with a beautiful dream, where he returns to his childhood and travels. It was one of the happiest moments in his life that he would not forget, whatever happened. That said, players will have access to various interesting tasks in the game that allows them to satisfy more than a simple temporary simulator.

Discover the fun and fascinating stories in the game while your Austin helps you experience the reminders of the youth at home and meet interesting people. Encourage yourself at home what you want, from providing great decorations, changing internal designs to discover interesting secrets stored in the country's home for decades. Informal and quiet games will be sure of the game.

Features Of Homescapes APK

Here are some of the fascinating functions that the game offers:

  • Help Austin to renovate the house with many tasks to start getting Android fans with the opportunity to immerse yourself in endless game experiences, where you And if you are in the game, you can also know the whole neighbourhood with many interesting functions.
  • Encourage yourself to make some changes inside and for those interested in designing their own home.
  • Homescapes introduced you to simple but addictive experiences created in the game, giving you the freedom that uses as many fixes as possible to Try different styles of different cultures with different furniture and objects as you change your old house to a beautiful mansion.
  • Enjoy the game by intuitively playing three games to make things more interesting; you do not have a simple mission or challenge. You will also enjoy different games with three exciting game challenges.
  • Find fun and unique games to enjoy as you immerse yourself in endless game-three levels. Explore simple but addictive levels that become harder.
  • Enjoy fireworks and striking visual effects while connected to precious stones. Discover all the hidden secrets behind the seemingly normal palace, although the palace may seem only, you will not know which secrets it has now.
  • In fact, what seems to be all normal, perhaps a little misplaced in your doubts and clinical thinking.
  • So why do not you spend some time in the palace looking for hidden secrets left long? Connect the wheels to your childhood memories while enjoying the moments that your heart warms the game.
  • Enjoy the game with actors of interesting characters, and for the first time, you meet friendly neighbours in the birthplace of Austin. Each one has its own unique characteristics and personality; the game offers a high level of variety, making things more interesting.
  • Always enjoy the game, check out their individual life, talk to them, and experience the interesting story in every character. You will definitely come back to the classic and fun game where you always love.
  • Give a good pet you can also see them talk to interesting animals that live near the palace. Help the wild animals with some tasks, and maybe you have a new pet. Bring them home and make your newly renovated farm a better place for cute animals.
  • The game about the zodiacs you follow will be very interesting. However, enter endless stars in our fashion because the game has a freemium, you need to pay a certain amount to make in-app purchases, and you also suffer from annoying advertisements.
  • That said, if you are bored with these functions, you may want to have a customized version of the game on your devices installed. That said, with many interesting functions such as deleted advertisements, unlimited stars, and fully unlocked behaviour, certainly find it more fun.

And the only thing you need to do is download and install our Homescapes mod Apk.


With the beautiful and fun art of home, this is one of the few games you encourage the first time you see "Aww".

Find yourself in the big world of Homescapes Apk while immersing yourself in your search for Austins. Additionally, sensitive visual effects will make three-game behaviours satisfactory.

Sound / Music

Immerse yourself in the beautiful world of Homescapes while enjoying a realistic and beautiful sound experience. Close your eyes; you look like living in the beautiful world of Homescapes.

The Final Verdict

Homescapes and the famous Township now has a great mobile title to enjoy your devices. There is rich and interactive gameplay; you're sure you're giving your Homescapes. And most importantly: you'll find that it is very good at changing our version of the game.

5 / 5 ( 1 votes )

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