Human Evolution Clicker Game MOD APK 1.9.9 Download (Unlimited Money)

Human Evolution Clicker Game MOD APK: The game is a simple but very fun way to play clicker, to learn more about the evolution of life forms on Earth. Choose from a variety of creatures from different stages of evolution. Start with a small piece of DNA, click to make coins, and evolve into a more advanced form of life. Or you can buy another creature. Fill in two identical creatures to produce a new one at a higher level of evolution.

Human Evolution Clicker Game MOD APK


Fill your area with different creatures, give them a certain amount of attention so that they form themselves. Or combine the two creatures with the new ones. The farther away your creatures are, the better you earn for nothing or because of it.

Human Evolution Clicker Game MOD APK Download

Human Evolution Clicker Game MOD APK

Name Human Evolution Clicker Game MOD APK
Version 1.9.9
Size 54 MB
Update 1 Day Ago
Required 4.4 +



Here you will find all the exciting features the game has to offer:

Live a Unique and Refreshing Clicker

For the first time, Android gamers will find themselves enjoying this fun and interesting click-through game with this epic click author. Have fun playing your interesting evolutionary game while learning more about life on Earth. Discover different creatures and species on different scales. Bring the life of the ponds to the ground. Before exploring the endless cosmos of cities and towns. Enjoy a fun and interesting clicker game that you have never tried.

Hundreds of Different Species From Different Stages of Evolution

In addition, to make the game more interesting, in the game Human Evolution Clicker, players will have the opportunity to access a fun and exciting evolutionary game, starting with hundreds of different shapes to include in their residence.

Unique and Independent Thinking

In addition, you will discover that each individual around you has their own unique and independent thinking. In addition, if you give them enough time, the natural development process will make them more advanced creatures.

Catch and Mix the Creatures

However, if you do not have the time and want to speed up the process, you can mix and match different creatures of the same species. It makes a more advanced form of life, superb and interesting.

Start With a Small Pond and Keep Dividing Ttime

As you begin the latest click evolution adventures in the game Human Evolution Clicker, you will find that you have access to a large part of the game. Starting with a small well and some solitary creatures, you can begin to thrive on reptiles and mammals that promise life forms on Earth. And then human age will come when you start living in the wild and building your own society. As you continue, a new era of galactic exploration and cosmic powers will emerge.

To Receive Different Versions and Upgrades

To make the game more interesting, Android players can access various innovative versions and boosters to make more money and develop creatures faster. Encourage yourself to speed up the game processes and move to new seasons as quickly as possible. Create new versions to generate idle revenue or unlock new game species and habitats.

Final Verdict

And since this is the title of idle clicks, Human Evolution Clicker game players can activate the game without expanding the game. Choose the right upgrades to increase your speed and work with your creatures to earn coins.

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