IMLS APK 1.8.12 Download Latest Version (2022)

IMLS APK is a unique and advanced type of tool for game lovers and it includes various types of features. This app not only allows things to do but compared to other apps this app allows doing many tasks freely as compared to other apps that tasks are done by paying. Keep on reading this article till the end to know more about this app and the easy way of installation of this app...

As compare to other apps like IMLS, some of the developing companies include advertisements as an additional way to earn some money from it. They further make money by selling various features used in the game. Moreover, there is a huge benefit for developing companies by increasing and reaching more population.

IMLS application allows the user to unlock their favorite features and this is a thing that more users are interacting with this application.

What is IMLS APK?

IMLS APK is the tool that creates different types of emerging spaces in your device this is actually a cheating tool that actually makes space in your device. Before using this application make sure that you have read all terms and conditions before using this application.

While playing the games there are different missions to unlock your favorite players but by using ml in ILMS you can freely unlock your favorite player character or any other game. Moreover while playing the games you can see that your opponents have unlocked different characters and features so you can also unlock your favorite characters you just have to open it in ILMS.

The unlocking of characters and different features is totally free you do not have to face any type of advertisements and other hurdles that occurs while playing or while using the application. Moreover, the application is totally free and is very easy to download and install keep on reading this article till the end so you will come to know how to download and install this application.

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Version Info

DevelopersSuper Legends
Size8 MB
Last updated1 day ago

Download IMLS APK latest version for Android

As the application includes advantages while it also has some disadvantages that will take place when you will install and use the app but no need to worry if you are a game lover or streamer then we don’t suggest this for you to take advantage of free stuff because it can cause permanent blockage of your account and you will lose everything that you have on or achieve or you are being willed for.

There are some terms and conditions which you have read in the above points so before downloading keep these points in your mind. Moreover, there are some updates that take place rarely in the future but there is nothing to be worried about that because this is the latest version which we are provided by the developing companies officially.




  • Unlock skins
  • Unlock heroes
  • Optimized
  • Discard
  • No ads
  • Simple UI
  • Small in size
  • Virtual environment

Unlock skins

While playing different games there is a will for every player to use the skin of their own choice by paying some money but this app allows you to select your favorite skin and you don’t have to pay for that, it is totally free while using this tool.

Unlock heroes

While playing different games there is a will for every player to use the heroes of your own choice by paying some money but this app allows you to select your favorite player and you don’t have to pay for it, is totally free while using this tool.


Usually, other apps required some separate devices, and more space to use this app doesn’t require any other device and it doesn’t cover any major space it is it consumes more resources for your Android device. It doesn’t consume any additional sources for your device it is well designed well featured and well-optimized app which can work on any Smartphone.


By joining and being the part of the discard community you can get different options and more support from different users so you can enjoy using the discard community and getting the best support worldwide.

No ads

The main and the worst think of these types of apps are that these include ads but the developers of this application did not introduce any type of advertisements and we hope that this app will remain ad-free in upcoming updates and versions.

Simple UI

The UI of this app is well designed that you don’t have to use it in more than two screens, you have all of the options in your home screen so you can use it easily and select the option from the main screen as it is only the screen which gives all of the options which are included in the application.

Small in size

The size of this application is very small and there is no need for any other device for this app to be installed it doesn’t take much space in the device storage and it is very portable.

How to install IMLS APK latest version for Android?

  • Click on the link given on our site to download.
  • Click on start download
  • The file will be downloaded
  • Open the file
  • Click on the installation


  • Allow your devices to accept the files from unknown sources.


  • The app will be installed on your device

Final Words

Once you install it, you will not feel any hurdles regarding the usage of this application. The app is free and includes a variety of tools that are easily used.

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