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App Name Insta Thunder Apk
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Latest Version v11
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MOD For android
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Insta Thunder Apk

Instagram is the most popular and entertaining app these days, simply because of its amazing features. It's a complete package of entertainment and fun. You can capture images with its amazing filters, share a story, chat with anyone you want, and many more things. But what if you can't download media, copy any line from Instagram you like, or want some privacy? Yes, there are numerous issues, but here is a solution, and it is called Insta Thunder. Let's discuss it in detail.

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Overview Of Insta Thunder Apk

Insta Thunder was smartly developed by SamMods. He developed an incredible Instagram Pro mod to address various issues that its millions and billions of users were experiencing. You have a completely new Insta Thunder to replace the Other Insta Mod in terms of features and performance. The developer recently released the most recent version based on the Play Store. It comes up with ultra-privacy, download media, high-quality display, advertisement-free, application lock, unfollowing tracker, translation, message bomber, and many more.

Insta Thunder

You will enjoy it once you get all the information about it. Let me spell out all its features so that it's easy for you to decide.

Best Features of Insta Thunder Apk

Excessive Privacy

Nowadays, privacy is the most critical consideration. So, if you want greater privacy and security, this Insta Thunder MOD APK is the ideal choice for you. Every piece of software requires privacy. This edition has some of the most comprehensive privacy choices. Hiding viewed stories, hiding typing status in chats, and not indirectly marking messages as read. It is one of the most important features in the latest version of Instagram Thunder.

Copying User Comments and Bio

Sometimes we like someone's bio or comment and want to take a shortcut by copying it. Only the Insta Thunder Apk allows for easy copying of comments and bios.

Built-in App Lock

Yes, we need security for everything these days, especially our social accounts, and you can lock your Instagram account with the app lock feature built into the app.

Without Advertisement

This feature allows you to enjoy Instagram without any advertisements or interruptions.

Double Tap Like Disabled

While using Instagram, sometimes we double-tap a picture and it is automatically liked, which is problematic. However, now that Insta Thunder has resolved this issue, you can easily disable the double-tapping feature in it.

Translation Option

Google and Yandex translation engines are supported. Comments and posts can be translated into English, Russian, Ukrainian, and Turkish.

Zoom Out Profile Pictures

You try to zoom out to see someone's Instagram profile photo but fail. This feature is only accessible in our Insta Thunder app.

Chat DND Mode

You can use chat DND mode in which you won't be able to send or receive messages.

Free to Use

Let me introduce you to the unbelievable feature of Insta Thunder Apk, which is that you don't have to pay a cent for using this application. You may not believe it but install it now and make me right.

Other features

  • You can remove the black border of stories
  • You can lock up auto skip option while watching stories
  • You can hide the translation option
  • You can see which user follows you
  • You can also hide the read or not checks in the chat
  • You can see who unfollows you
  • You can easily save IGTV videos to your android phone
  • You can disable swipe which opens the camera from the left and chats from right
  • You can open any link directly to your search engine
  • It's free of cost

What’s New to this Instagram Mod?

  • Fixed the bugs of the previous version.
  • You can hide the translator.
  • You can remove black borders from the stories.
  • You can turn off the auto skip stories option.
  • you can log in to your Facebook.
  • UI/UX is more attractive
  • More functions have been added, and stability has been improved.

Requirements for Installation of Insta Thunder Apk

  • Android Mobile version 6.0 and above
  • Internet
  • Apk file of Insta Thunder Apk

Steps to Download Insta Thunder Apk

  1. First, you must uninstall the original Instagram from your device.
  2. Open the Google search engine and type " Download Insta Thunder Apk".
  3. Go to phone settings and turn on the option of enabling unknown resources. (Menu>Settings>Security>Permissions>Unknown Resources)
  4. Download the Insta Thunder Apk file from a genuine site.
  5. Open the file and install it and ignore any warnings you receive.
  6. Now you are ready to enjoy Insta Thunder Apk.


Is Insta Thunder Apk safe to use?

Yes, it's safe to use. This application is a modified version of the original app created by a third party unrelated to the owner, Malavida, who has not checked, validated, or authorized the letter. The user is solely responsible for downloading, installing, and using this software, and Malavida is not accountable for any consequences or outcomes that may occur on your device. This version has no affiliation with Malavida, the original creator of the modified program, or any of their trademarks.

What is the best Instagram mod?

Many Instagram mods have been created over time, but the best is Insta Thunder because of its incredible features.

May I use Insta Thunder with the original Instagram app?

No, you can't use both apps at the same time. You must uninstall Instagram and then Insta Thunder application.

How can we keep Insta Thunder up to date?

If your Instagram is crashing, then it's time to update your Insta Thunder. Just go to the website to install the updated version and use it now.

Final Words

I discussed with you Insta Thunder, its remarkable features, how to install it, some faqs, and all the information you needed to know. Now you are at the stage where you can easily decide whether you will go with it or not.

With this application, you will get many benefits, like more privacy, your complete check without restrictions or interruptions, copying text, downloading media, and many, many more. Don't waste a single second and install it and also don't forget to share it with your mates.

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