Johnny Trigger Apk Download 1.12.3 Mod (Unlocked / Money) for Android

Johnny Trigger Apk: In the game, Android players play the main character in an epic action movie. That said, you can run into many enemies with guns and deadly weapons. But as an opponent, you have all the power to defeat your enemies effectively and perform well with your weapons.

Johnny Trigger Apk

That said, the game features many levels in the game, each with its own unique set up.  Here you can use your incredible move and take your exact shot of the enemies in front of you.  Run all the bullets while effectively and cunningly catch up with your enemies with your awesome moves.

About the Game

It will surely be a unique and exciting way to play slow-motion actions that make Johnny Trigger different from most other Android games.  Also, the intuitive side-scrolling technique and interesting ragdoll physics will make the action of the game more enjoyable and enjoyable.

Johnny Trigger Apk Download

Johnny Trigger Apk

NameJohnny Trigger Apk
Size77.8 MB
Update1 day ago
Requires4.4 +



Here are all the great features the game has to offer:

Simple but very fun mobile shooting game

For starters, Johnny Trigger's Android players will enjoy classic side-scrolling action games and great titles like Stick War: Legacy, Hunter Assassin, and more. However, the special element of slow-motion shooter sets it apart from many other mobile game names. That said, you can now play your favorite action game with your evil character while shooting cinematic shots. Instead of playing a simple game, you can now enjoy a massive action film in which you are the main character.

Multiple levels increase the difficulty

As you progress through the game, you will be ready to enjoy the hundreds of levels available when you are ready. Feel free to explore and experiment with Johnny Trigger's great gameplay with different configurations and features at different levels. As the difficulty increases with each level, you will find that the game is more fun and enjoyable just like what level you are now.

The Graphics

Start your journey by immersing yourself in the exciting and enjoyable experience of Johnny Trigger shooters, with fun visuals and in-game graphics. Smooth and enjoyable gameplay allows Android players to fully immerse themselves in the gameplay of their shooters, especially the epic slow movie scenes. If you don't have priceless graphics, you can enjoy the game even on low-end mobile devices.


Along with powerful visual experiences, Johnny Trigger players will fully immerse themselves in their game of action through powerful sound effects.  That said, great game music and audio allow players to immerse themselves in their experiences. And for the first time, you are the only main character in your epic action movie.

The Final Verdict

For those looking for a thrilling action title to enjoy on your cell phone, you will not find a better title than Johnny Trigger. That said, good shooter behavior and slow action separate the game from other titles. And with the free and unlocked behavior on our website, you will fully enjoy the experiences you have in the game.

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