Last Day on Earth Survival Mod APK Download 1.18.17 (Free Craft) Android

Last Day on Earth Survival Mod APK is an action, sandbox, zombie, MMO game, and one of the best survival video games available on the play store. After playing this game for a week, we have some reflections that we will share in this review. Let's get in there.

Last Day on Earth Survival Mod APK


The plot of this game is not very long, the game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, where an infection broke out and devastated most of humanity. This infection turned into zombies trying to die alive and like your survivors, your intent is to survive the zombies and fight them.

The game begins with a plot with small buildings where you will find your character. Here you will find the first elements of the game, here you can collect various items to build buildings and other objects. On the map you can do many things to survive, for example, you can build an ax and then you can use this ax to cut down trees to build houses and other structures. You can also build boxes at home to store your food and other items. Basically, you can do many things for your own safety, which makes the game more fun.

Later you will also collect weapons that you will use to kill zombies and your prey. There are dozens of deadly weapons you can find and use. From the Spear to the modern Glock-17, from the classic Skill Crusher to the advanced Mortar. You can also equip armor to protect you from accidents, but their resistance will be reduced as you deal zombie damage.

Name Last Day on Earth Survival Mod APK
Version 1.18.17
Size 49 MB + 396 MB
Update 1 day ago
Required 4.4 +


Features Of Last Day on Earth Survival Mod APK

  • In the game, you also build transport vehicles, which increase the speed of travel from one place to another and unlock additional areas on the map.
  • To build a transport vehicle you need to collect different elements and then combine them to build your own transport vehicle.
  • There are many cars available including Chopper, Quad, and Zombie Truck.
  • In the game, you collect a lot of shots, which you will eventually use to move cars, furniture, buildings, and weapons.
  • More than 119 items are available in the plan.
  • You can choose plans by getting points for each character you make level upgrades.
  • In the game, your main goal is to build a good base that will expand as you progress in a great game.
  • During this journey, you will also have relationships with other players around the world.
  • Since this is a survival game, you also need to make sure you have enough resources like food, water, etc. to stay alive. In general, there are many places on the map to visit and explore to get items to craft.
  • There are also dirty forests that you can visit, where you will see a lot of zombies. There are many challenges available in the game if you have the courage to do so.

Final Verdict

Another challenge in the game is inventory management, as in other survival games, you can't pick up everything you can find and choose items according to your needs. For example, if you are building a house, there is no point in collecting electronic items. So if you want to survive in the game, you need to choose the right item.

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