Mega Shows APK Download 9.0.0 Latest Version for Android

Mega Shows APK Download

Download Mega Shows APK for your Android phone, If you are addicted to movies and TV series and can't miss the latest episode of your favorite show, you need this app.

About The Game

Mega Shows is a video playback app that allows users to watch movies and TV series online for free. It offers a variety of content from a variety of genres, including action, thrill, horror, comedy, love, fantasy, sports, and more. Browse its large catalog to watch various movies and TV shows using mobile phones.

Name Mega Shows APK
Version 9.0.0
Size 4 MB
Update 1 day ago

4.4 +


Features Of Mega Shows APK

Now, you will be rewarded with some of the best features and experiences available for a streaming application.

Simple and Clear User Interface

The user interface of the Mega Shows app is very simple so it is very easy to operate so that even new users of this app have no problem.

Wide Range of Content

It offers an unlimited collection of movies and shows. That you don’t have to go to other platforms looking for a show, because Mega Shows is up to you.

HD Quality

The Mega Shows app offers high-resolution movies and sessions.

Multiple Languages

Users around the world can watch their favorite content in their preferred language with the Mega Shows app, which supports multiple languages.  This feature allows viewers to watch movies and shows from other regions in the local language.


Mega Shows provides subtitles for all its content so that users can watch movies or shows from any country in the world.

Upload Subtitles

If you can’t find subtitles in Mega Shows’s built-in subtitle option, you can also upload the previously downloaded subtitle track to your device.

Download and Share

This application not only allows you to play movies and sessions online, but you can also download them for later viewing. You can also share the content you want with your friends.

Browse the Catalog

If you’re not looking for specific content, you can browse the catalog and find the movies you want to watch.

Request Content

This is the most amazing feature of the Mega Shows app. If it's not available in the app, you can ask it to upload a movie or session.

User Price

Users can also win exciting prizes by completing certain tasks required by the app organization. For example, you should create a high-quality video that is 3 minutes (or longer) and you could win $ 100.

4.8 / 5 ( 50 votes )

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