Planet of Heroes MOBA 5v5 Mod Apk Download 3.12 For Andriod (Money)

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App Name Planet of Heroes MOBA 5v5 Mod Apk
Publisher GBPlus
Size 532 MB
Latest Version 3.12
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Required 4.4+
Update few seconds ago
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Planet of Heroes MOBA 5v5 Mod Apk - MOBA Mobile has become a MOBA action-packed game with great graphics, great balance, fast PvP combat, and great gameplay options. The project is being carried out in the same PvE with exciting missions for those who are temporarily unable to compete online. Choose your right staff and develop skills and abilities, and do not forget that only close teamwork will win over your opponent.

Planet of Heroes MOBA 5v5 Mod Apk

The Gameplay

Welcome to Planet of Heroes MOBA 5v5 Mod Apk 3.0! 3 courses, a huge jungle, geese, and big bosses: MOBA is all in your pocket! Thousands of players are struggling: are you ready for the challenge? Fight with PVP friends, explore mission challenges in PVE campaigns, and fight like a world leader! Fight on the new 5v5 map and enjoy panoramic camera views, destroy jungle monsters on winding forest paths and fight powerful bosses. Getting will bring you closer to success!

Destroy Enemies

Remember that your team must destroy the enemy base to win, not get the most kills ... It will certainly help;) Planet of Heroes MOBA 5v5 Mod Apk Multiplayer Online Battle Arena is a short MOBA, the best RPG elements and RTS: thrilling champions like paladins and assassins (or they die without it), a map with tactical goals, a team game to get the best strategies, and lots of action to become a legend in the rankings! Join us as we define MOBA as Online Battle Action is necessary, show your skills and get to that point!

Players Can Battle

Holotable Games introduces you to the world of games, where players battle each other with heroes and evil from all over the universe. Each hero and villain will appear as a card. When you fight, type the map in Holotable and your character will automatically appear on the battlefield.
Players can have 5 different characters on their board.

Each character has their own abilities and abilities. It allows you to choose different tactics and strategies with different character sets. The battle is fought on a field-based battle, where each player is given a set amount of time to move.

Choose your side and fight the other players. Both the light and the dark side will rule the entire universe.

Play Planet of Heroes MOBA 5v5 Mod Apk For Free

It is currently free to play for all games. That said, you can easily install it on mobile devices without paying anything. However, if you find the app shopping and gameplay quite challenging, you will probably want to move on to something else.

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That said, changing our version of the game, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes will allow players to take control of the game. Therefore, you can make many in-app purchases without having to pay, enjoy behavior without ads, and most of all, remove the timer that is causing you a lot of trouble.

Visibility And Sound Quality

The Graphics

The game has stunning 3D graphics that introduce you to the immersive world of the Star Wars universe. Find yourself fighting the realistic characters of the series and unleash their signature attacks with stunning visual effects and more. You feel completely lost in the game.


Featuring powerful and influential soundtracks, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes introduces players to one of the most exciting Star Wars games on the mobile platform. For the first time, players have access to a large collection of characters from various Star Wars games and movies. If you listen to the conversations they cast, you will feel everything red.

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