Remove China Apps APK 5.0.1 Download Latest 2022 (Official)

Remove China Apps APK is a newly developed app to remove some of the original and missing Chinese apps from India. In a short time, it reached the download mark of 5 million at Google Playstore and most of the installations were produced from India..

The application is one of the most installed applications from the Indian population and it is one of the applications which helps you to gain popularity during the feeling of anti-China. Application development is a strategic way to gain prominence in anti-Chinese sentiment, clashing between the COVID-19 and Bharat-China borders.

However, in my opinion, this application is necessary to avoid spying on some cases of a smartphone user. He saw many popular applications according to the developer database, including TikTok, PUBG Mobile, VidMate, Camscanner, and UC Browser.

In addition, the developer said that we are adding many applications to the blacklist to work accurately. People have been continuously using do applications like tick-tock, PUBG mobile application, and UC Browser and a lot of other applications are being installed and added.

These applications are somehow controlled by the Chinese government and they can be removed by the application called remove China apps APK. The developer said that they have been adding the new features in this application so that to make this application work more accurately and efficiently.

Unfortunately, the Google Play store really does not allow the applications which violate the original application terms and policies. So these APK applications have been removed from Google Playstore because they do not follow the policy. These requirements apply to tools that interfere with other applications on an Android device.

Remove China Apps APK

Therefore, they were completely eliminated. The applications have been completely removed from Google play store because they were against the policy of the official application and they’re not even available on Google play store anymore. You can find such applications on Internet as various links are available so that you can download and install these applications in your gadgets remove all the Chinese applications from your phone.

You don’t have to worry. And we have it, On this page. You can download the official china apps removal app to download to your Android device. Please go down and get it in your gadgets by following the procedure.

What is Remove China Apps APK?

Remove China Apps APK is an Android application that is in your Android application and installed by Chinese developers based on the database. You can install it quickly with a single tap.

It also does not include pre-installed applications, but the account is not completely removed because it requires root access. The application is not yet supported for requesting permissions from super users and may add this feature in future updates.

OneTouch was developed by an Indian startup called AppLabs and these people did a great job.
The application allows you to quickly uninstall all the Chinese applications running inside your gadgets. This application is developed by the Indian startup and they have done wonderful work and one of the tremendous jobs they have done is developing remove Chinese apps APK for the people which allow them to remove any kind of Chinese application from their phone in real-time.

Version Info

Name Remove China Apps APK
Size 5 MB
Version 5.0.1
Last updated 1 day ago

Download Remove China Apps APK Latest Version for Android

The application removes China APK is one of the simple and really engaging applications which does not require any long procedures. once you install it in your gadgets, it is really a simple application that has a single step running and does not require long procedures to improve the performance of the application and let it work smoothly inside your gadgets.

The application can be followed blindly without having to worry about though permissions of the application before you install as you can easily follow the suggestion given by this application and uninstall all the applications of Chinese origin.

The official version of the remove China apps APK is present at our side and the link is totally spam-free. So without wasting your time click on the link given at our site to download this tremendous application in your gadgets and remove the applications of Chinese origin from your phone.

Click on the link given to download this amazing application.




The application has some amazing features which are unparalleled and cannot be compared to any other application available for removing Chinese apps from their gadgets. The ones which are present are not up to the mark and in fact lower the overall working on the performance of your smartphone. A few of the features which are worth the praise of this application are given below. so give it a read before you actually download this amazing application in your Android devices.

  • Small in size

The application is really small in size and it does not take a lot of memory from your Android device. The low-end devices can also let this amazing application run easily and they do not hang so you can handle this application really easily. Since it is small in size and does not take a lot of memory on your phone.

  • Quick scan

The scanning procedure of this application is really quick and it does not take a lifetime to scan the applications of Chinese origin. It takes a few seconds or minutes to scan all the applications of Chinese origin present inside your phone and the ones which are yet to be developed by China.

  • No sign up required

This is one of the tremendous application which does not require any signup and you can directly log into the application without any hurdles and use the tools present in their device. The application can be used directly without any hurdles and all the tools which are present in the application can easily be used to undo the Chinese applications from your phone.

  • No permissions

This application does not require any permissions from your phone like Gallery, fun, media, and other locations. Once you download this application you are good to use it without enabling any app permissions. Amazing! isn't it?

  • Simple user interface

The user interface is really simple and all the people of any age group can use this application because this application is really simple to use and has some really amazing and simple user interface.

How to Install Remove China Apps APK on Android?

Step 1

First of all download the Official version of removed China apps APK on your Android gadgets.

Step 2

Now once you download the application, You need to go to the location or the folder where the APK file is stored by opening your File Manager.

Step 3

When you double nerd you will need to allow the downloading from unknown sources and for that go to the privacy options in the setting and then enable Download from unknown sources option and you are good to do it.

Step 4

Once you enable it to click on the installation option to officially remove all the Chinese applications by downloading and installing remove China apps APK file on your Android devices.

Step 5

Click on the application icon and ta on the quick scan option.

Step 6

once it starts scanning your device all the applications are of Chinese origin or added in a separate list and you can easily find out the applications of Chinese origin.

Step 7

The red color icon can now be seen you need to tap on it so that you can delete the applications. Before you drop on it the system will again ask you for the confirmation and you simply click on it. This clicking on the option will simply uninstall the particular application from your devices and you are free from all the Chinese origin applications in your gadgets.


What Is Remove China Apps Apk Mod?

Remote China apps APK is one of the Which is developed by The Indian developers and the main purpose of this application is to remove all the applications of Chinese origin an make your devices free of the applications of China. The sole purpose to create this application was to deal with the COVID-19 hype in China and people have been hating so China for some reason due to the origin of that disease and people dying in the region cause of that disease.

People have been looking for some application which can remove all the Chinese applications and they can get their gadgets free of such applications and now they can easily get rid of them by simply downloading this amazing application in their gadgets and installing all the required setup.

From Where Can I Download Remove China Apps Apk Mod?

The remove China apps APK mod is not available on Google play store and you can download it from the Internet really easily. It is a third party application and can easily be found on the Internet. All you have to be careful about the links which may be full of bugs and viruses and may have malicious content inside it which can spoil your device altogether. so before you download this application from the side you should be sure that the site is a trustworthy site.

Is It Available On Google Play Store?

No, this application is not available on Google play store because it violates the privacy policy of the official application and Google does not allow any application which violates their terms and conditions of the original applications. You can easily find it on the website because it is a third party application.

Does Remove China Apps Mod API Require Any Rooted Devices?

The application does not require any rooted device for its smooth running.

How Can I Update Remove China Apps Apk In The Future?

Once you download remove China apps in your gadgets, you should be devoid of all the tension about the update because this application gets automatically updated as soon as the Application on the Google play store gets updated. So you do not need to worry about the update of this fabulous application.


Remove China apps APK is one of the applications which has enabled people to know the origin of the actual smartphone application. Since the Corona hype people are more into removing all the Chinese based applications from their Android gadgets.

One of the best application for doing it is to remove China apps APK which not only enable you to remove the application from your gadgets but also blacklist all the unnecessary upcoming applications which you can easily remove.

This application when is a mod and although applications can even be kept out from the Google Play store.

If you have any queries about the application you can comment on your queries in the comment section below as we love to hear from you.

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