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App Name Sflix APK
Publisher GBPlus
Size 17.3 MB
Latest Version v1.0.2
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Required 4.4 +
MOD Unlocked All
Genre Entertainment
Developer Kh-Tech
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Movies and television shows are part of our daily lives. These are the two things that keep our lives interesting. Certain applications will provide you with all of the latest and older movies and series, but they will cost you a lot of money, which not everyone can afford. To avoid paying money, you should download a free application with excellent features. Let me introduce you to an application that will meet all of your needs. SFlix Pro APK is the application I'm referring to.

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What is the SFlix Application?

SFilx Mod APK is an excellent video streaming app that you can install on any of your devices. You can use this app to watch TV shows, movies, and web series of your choice. If you use another video streaming app, you must purchase a subscription to use it, which costs money. However, you should not have to pay for this app in this case. You can get the SFlix Mod APK for free from our website.

Because you get everything for free in this app, you can have fun and enjoy a variety of things, such as movies, TV shows, and series. It is a free video streaming app where you can watch all kinds of movies and shows about fun, happiness, sadness, action, fighting, and emotions. By the way, if you use any other app from the internet, you will not have access to these services, but you can use all of them for free in this app.

7 Best Features of SFlix Apk

Many Types of Content

You can view various types of content on this website. There are also movies available for children and teenagers, as well as for the elderly. Most Hollywood films and television shows are available. All types of content, including movies and television shows, are available on the website. This website also has movies and shows in other languages.

Free of Cost

This website's content is completely free. There is no subscription fee or any other charge on this website, so most people like this application. They don't have to pay for it because people can use it for free.

User Friendly

This website is simple to navigate. Users can search for and watch movies online. All types of movies are available. And the user has the option of watching online or offline. More categories are available if users search for specific types of movies. Users can watch movies by selecting a category.

No Advertisements

You must have noticed that whenever we watch a movie or TV show on any video streaming application, we are bombarded with advertisements, which irritates people. However, if you use the SFlix Mod APK, you will have the Ad-Free feature available in this app, which will prevent you from seeing any advertisements while watching anything.

Kids Screen

A kid's screen is available for use by children. You can watch kid-friendly content on this screen. Cartoon movies and shows are available for children. Nowadays, children enjoy animated films and shows, and there are numerous films and shows available. Because this screen is only for children, no adult images will be suggested or displayed to you.

The Search Button

On the home page of this website, there is a search button. You can easily search for and watch online movies and series, as well as their favorite movies and series. You can look for movies of any genre.

Other Features

  • Fast access to all of your SFlix Unlimited Streaming TV shows and movies
  • Effective and clean design
  • Discover popular and trending SFlix Unlimited Streaming shows
  • Stats on your television show consumption
  • Calendar with upcoming episode notifications
  • Keep track of your progress
  • Free access to all main features with no limit on the number of shows

How to Download SFlix APK

  1. Open google and type "Download SFlix Apk"
  2. Open an authentic site and install apk file
  3. While the apk file is being downloaded.
  4. Go to your phone's settings and enable unknown sources.
  5. After completing these steps, return to a website and click on the SFlix Pro Apk link.
  6. If you click the install button, the installation process may take some time.
  7. When the installation is complete, launch this application and start watching your favorite 1shows and movies without wasting a single second.


Is it necessary to have a subscription to watch content?

There is no need for a subscription because you can watch all types of content for free.

Is it safe to use SFlix?

Yes, this is a secure app for watching movies online.

Is this app for kids?

Kids use this application because it has screens for children and kid-friendly content such as cartoon shows, cartoon movies, and animation movies.

Is it possible to watch SFlix offline?

No, you cannot watch SFlix offline; it is an online application that can only be used while connected to the internet.


SFlix Pro APK is the most popular application for watching TV shows and movies. This app has 50 million downloads and a rating of 4.5. SFlix Pro APK is the most popular content-provider application; it offers a wide range of content. You can watch any movie or TV show. All of the movies and series in this app have the highest quality and many more options. This application is primarily used to watch online movies and television shows. There is more content available to their users, and they can watch movies and TV shows online. There are numerous content types for each type of content. You can use this app to look for movies and TV shows to watch online. There is a screen for children in that kid-friendly material. There is no adult content on that screen. Open this app and look for any movies you want. If you're new and don't know what to watch, don't worry; the most recent trending movies will appear on your screen as soon as you open the app. Choose any movie or series to watch and enjoy.

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