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Shadow Fight 3 Apk is a sequel to the game. Shadow Fight 1 and 2 were as successful as Shadow Fight 3. The game was launched with some special changes that previous pioneers had never seen through the change of concept and features. Shadow Fight 3 Mod Apk was released worldwide in 2017..

Shadow Fight 3 Apk


The game has evolved from a dark theme to introduce 2D characters in 3D. The modified version will fool you because there are new adventures.  The player acts as a fighter in the war to end the rivalry. Legion, Dynasty, and Heralds are ready for war on Shadow Energy and stop the threat of Shadow.

The players are peace agents now because they choose what the outcome of the war will be. The character you play in the game is a warrior as needed that can be turned into a shadow. The player joins the Shadow Squad. Initially, the player will enter three leagues and eventually will have to decide who will join the war. The outcome of the war is based on the group on your side.

Shadow Fight 3 Apk Function

  • Former trends have been rejected.
  • Shadow Fight 3 has three-dimensional graphics and characters that are not part of the previous 2 previous ones.  With 3D graphics and characters, the game now looks more realistic and fun.
  • Strategic component integration.
  • With Shadow Fight 3, strategic player skills are tested when a player decides that Clan, Dynasty, Legions, and Heralds should be one of three leagues. The decision to join the three would determine the outcome of the war.

Customize your Character:

Shadow Fight 3 allows players to design their character with the types of weapons they want for their character.

Find Your Enemies:

Shadow Fight 3 is about hunting enemies with as much force and strength as possible before they hit. As you move through different parts of the game under the guidance of the map, you will find that different warriors are determined to shoot you. Your job is to find and kill these enemies in order to eventually get a real war. Use the fighting tricks you have learned by joining 3 different leagues.  Create shadow energy in your movements.

Win Special Prizes:

Join game activities, unlock various achievements, and win prizes by earning exclusive adventures.

Collect Armor:

In Shadow Fight 3 you can choose your armor. Choose from the many weapons available in the game and use them effectively to kill your enemies.

Develop Your Own Signature Fighting Style:

Join the three leagues and learn the fighting techniques you can choose your weapons to form your great fighting style.

An Exciting Story:

The game is not about fighting chaos and weapons, but an interesting story in which players must continue to play to find the outcome.

Colorful Theme:

Shadow Fight 3 captures real-life as well as graphics and characters, but it also has colorful environmental themes to keep players entertained.

Proper Controls:

Shadow Fight 3 Apk is easy to operate because the screen controls are in the lower left and right.  Easily use the shadow power of the characters and move them around the game using the control buttons by pressing them.


Is Shadow Fight 3 Mod Apk an online game?

Shadow Fight 3 is an online game and requires an internet connection.

How to play Shadow Fight 3 Mod Apk with friends?

The only multiplayer game you can play is Duel; you can't play with your friend but there is a bot with the same strength as you and you have to defeat him.

What is Shadow Fight 3 Apk?

Shadow Fight 3 Apk is an online mobile game related to the RPG and fighting game genre. The game revolves around the story, where you must choose a clan of three to save the shrink of World of Shadows. The outcome of the last war was based on clan selection.

The Final Verdict

It would not be wrong to call Shadow Fight 3 Apk an adventure reel. The game is about eliminating enemies that will soon destroy Shadow World.  Players play the role of characters in the game and customize their look, weapons, and fighting style.

Shadow Fight 3 Apk introduces more complex challenges, making it harder for finer players to think about their skills.

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