Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes Apk 0.21.713203 Download Mod for Android

Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes Apk: It introduces you to the world of games, where players battle each other with heroes and evil from all over the universe. Each hero and villain will appear as a card. When you fight, type the map in Holotable and your character will automatically appear on the battlefield.

Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes Apk


Players can have 5 different characters on their board. Each character has its own abilities and possibilities. It allows you to choose different tactics and strategies with different character sets. The battle is fought on a field-based battle, where each player is given a set amount of time to move.

Choose your side and fight the other players. Both the light and the dark side will rule over the entire universe.

Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes Apk Download

NameStar Wars Galaxy Of Heroes Apk
Size82 MB
Update1 day ago
Requires4.4 +



Here you will find all the exciting features the game has to offer:

Create your own team of heroes and criminals

For starters, players of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes can enjoy the game with their favourite characters from the series. That said, you can choose to join a team of light and dark sides as you collect various heroes in the universe.

Depending on your strategies, you should choose the one that best suits your team's composition. Spend time working with your heroes so you can innovate and run. With the right team, you can unlock powerful additional abilities that can give you a big help when you fight.

The game features 140 different characters from across the Star Wars universe, and with hundreds of different units, players can come up with different tactics.

The hologram is great and dominates the galaxy

Enjoy this amazing hologram as you take on various opponents from across the universe. Perform epic team battles, improve your strategy and team strengths to dominate opponents. Defeat the toughest enemies in the universe to become the sole champion in Star Wars: Heroes Galaxy.

The game has many game modes, with players from all over the world to test your skills and abilities. That being said, you can join the Squad Cantina Battles for a quick bout, fight real players in the PvP Squad Area, and get massive casualties in the Squad Tournament.

Discover the powers of our super champion

In addition to the normal characters and units, the game also has some super champions that everyone on their team wants. That said, these unique heroes have unstoppable and destructive attacks as abilities that can completely change combat. Find yourself with access to Destiny Strike from Luke Skywalker as Darth Vader's Force Crush, and more. You can be the most powerful commander in the whole universe.

Travel the Star Wars universe

The game introduces players to the vast world of Star Wars, one after another to travel between planets. Discover it in strange and strange lands that have never been known before. In the face of the evilest and deadly enemies in the Star Wars universe.

Face horrible leaders and epics in territorial wars

Plus, you can take your team to Holotable during the game in many field battles against awesome bosses. Make sure you come up with the right strategy and fight hard to win and reap a lot of your wealth.

The Final Verdict

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes also deals with epic territorial wars where players can experience the epic RTS game on their mobile devices.

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