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Super Mario Run APK

You may not know; Super Mario Run is the first mobile game developed by Nintendo. It's a neat combination of an old classic game and some modern horror.

About Super Mario Run APK

The first thing about Super Mario Run is that it is not an endless game like most other games in the same genre.  Now that the images have been revealed, the graphics style of the game New Super Mario Bros. we'll see it's the same as the series.

Maybe Nintendo plans to see it as a cool game in this series. The most noticeable difference is that it becomes a control screen control and fits the screen.

Name Super Mario Run APK
Version v3.0.25
Size 81 MB
Update 1 day ago
Required 5.0 +


Levels of Super Mario Run APK

Super Mario Run is carefully divided into several levels, with four levels in each world. And we have six worlds, corresponding to level 24. As in many games of the same genre, Mario runs automatically and the only action of the player is to touch the screen to jump from the character.

Most levels have special blocks that prevent Mario from rotating or in some other cases caused by character rotation. It allows you to have an accurate time to make jumps, wait for obstacles moving along and perform some complex manipulations.

Defeating Enemies

Depending on when and when you touch the screen, Mario will make different jumps. Some jump over barriers or run over walls to defeat enemies. The latter is new because Mario has never run into a wall in his games.

Features Of Levels of Super Mario Run APK

Like other games, Super Mario Run has all the features that every player can enjoy.  Let me tell you some interesting things about this game:

Don't run alone and avoid

Not only are “advanced” techniques like wall jumping very easy to perform, giving the player a very enjoyable feeling. Super Mario Run also has significant house and puzzle elements such as trying to evade Evil One or guess which door is true and which is a staircase.

It’s a shame that the traditional mechanic of flowers and special outfits is not known in Super Mario Run. They need a second button. But the consolation is that some stars can still be “unique” at some point.

Control players

They can unlock the characters Luigi and Toad to control players, with abilities that are slightly different from those of Mario. The normal game screen ends when you have mastered the character by jumping on the familiar flagpole.

Reaching destinations

Specifically, the final stage in each world will compete with Bowser as “traveling” on the same plane as Super Mario Bros.

Great Challenge with Greater Difficulty

In the beginning, the gameplay is simple, players know the mechanics of the gameplay. But the more, the harder the process of playing each level takes more time.

It is impossible to say that each game screen is challenged to collect five pink coins, which requires a higher level of skill from the player.

Less time required to play all the levels

You will probably need less than a few hours to complete all the levels and challenges of Super Mario Run, including the game level.  While the iPhone version supports one play, I prefer to play on the iPad.

The experience of these two devices is different because instead of touching your finger, you tap the screen with your finger.

Try the game in many ways

In addition to the main game mode on the World Tour, Super Mario Run also has a game with a simulation of building a city called Kingdom Builder.

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