The Wolf Apk 2.6.0 Mod (Money) Download for Android

Entering The Wolf Apk Online Simulator, players become balloons and have to survive in the game world with dangerous animals. In addition to training yourself, you can explore the new world in Online Real-Time Multiplayer.

But before we dive into the vengeful time killer, we want to show you a detailed overview of this game. We hope this article will be a guide to help you get used to the moment after downloading.

The Wolf Apk

Gameplay and instructions

As we said before, you will be a wolf and you will do what a real wolf will do. To survive your life as a big wolf you need to hunt prey and explore the natural world with your animal friends. The main goal is to fight hard against the enemies that are preventing you from being the brave Alpha in your pack.

Name The Wolf Apk
Version 2.6
Size 128 MB
Requires 4.4 +
Update 1 day ago


Plus, in addition to the usual missions in The Wolf Apk, there will be epic bosses to increase the difficulty of the game and help you gain more experience and important items like any other game out there.

At the beginning of the game, you can choose your character from different types of balloons. During the game, your balloon will improve its strength and skill by using the money and cash earned.


1. Customization options, combined with the drawing system, allow you to create your own unique balloon.

2. There are five types of balloons, from standard to well-liked by everyone.

3. The gray wolf is the most popular type of wolf that a beginner can have. Although the common wolf is common, it is rich in sharp teeth to fight against any opponent.

4. The black wolf is the perfect kind of forest and seems to find and attack the victim in half a second.

5. Like any other animal with white hair in real life, the White Wolf can survive and hunt in the freezing weather.

6. The Mexican Wolf was born to fight ambush. This topography shows great intelligence and weather.

7. Ultimately, the Dhole Wolf is fast and furious, a true predator in any environment. It is fast, flexible, and incredibly powerful, and the perfect opportunity to pick up the most formidable enemies and boss.

8. You can challenge your strength in two ways: Multiplayer Hunting Cooperative (CO-OP) and PVP Battle Arena (PVP).

9. CO-OP Hunting mode puts you prey on other players to earn exp. Targets range from small animals such as rats and rabbits to Mapuches, foxes, and foxes.

10. Sometimes targets are large and powerful animals, such as bulls and bison. So you have to form a gang with the other balloons.

There are five maps to choose from in this mode, including Green Hills, Dark Forest, Wild Tundra, Legend Mountains, and Mammoth Creek.

The higher you get, the more cards you can unlock. The species to hunt on each map vary and vary depending on the different natural ecosystems.

The final verdict

Some of the adventures in this game are incomprehensible and somehow useless. The price sometimes does not apply to the skills and attributes used for the tasks and is disproportionate to the current level.

We are happy to present you with a modified version of this game with unlimited money and coins. You can use these coins for an unlimited cost.

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