Valiant Force Mod Apk 1.35.0 Download (Massive Damage) for Andriod

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App Name Valiant Force Mod Apk
Publisher GBPlus
Size 104 MB
Latest Version 1.35.0
Get it On Google Play
Required 4.4+
Update 20 hours ago
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Valiant Force Mod Apk, the long-awaited mobile RPG (role-playing) strategy, has finally arrived! Playing with teams of over 200 special heroes and 40 different courses, they are responsible for exploring the vast and dangerous world of Arathos to save the inhabitants from waking up. Go on an epic adventure with Valiant Force Mod Apk today!

Valiant Force Mod Apk

About Valiant Force Mod Apk

Valiant Force Mod Apk, the long-awaited new mobile RPG strategy has been released! With over 200 heroes and 40 different roles, players can form their own team to explore the vast and dangerous world of Arathos and save it from the darkness that threatens its inhabitants. Start an epic adventure with Valiant Force Mod Apk today!

Features Of Valiant Force Mod Apk

  • Test your strategic skills with 3x6 Battlefield Grids. Position your heroes to influence the auras. Become a master of combat tactics!
  • The Valiant Force Mod Apk offers a variety of roles and heroes to choose from. Prepare your team and develop your strategy!
  • Strengthen heroes with equipment of various curiosity, plunder or materials. There are over 500 to collect!
  • Bring awesome bosses to our special events. Great victims are waiting for you!
  • In Valiant Force Mod Apk, you can take over 200 heroes, each with a different set of looks and skills.
  • Each hero performs more than 40 different tasks: warrior, physician, archer, knight, wizard, etc. Building a reliable team will be an important aspect of winning battles.
  • The Valiant Force Mod Apk fighting strategy is very interesting, you can move your hero team along a 3x6 grid if you wish.
  • Some heroes have to face the enemy, others can use their skills safely, but remember that managing your heroes is the key to success.
  • Valiant Force Mod Apk is a strategic RPG with an exciting combat strategy, visuals and lots of content.

However, the best thing is that apart from the traditional historical way, the game offers a PVP to test your heroes against other players around the world.


  • RPG based strategy
  • Test your strategic skills on the classic 3x6 battlefield. Move your heroes to the right position and open the aura of each hero. Become a true master of tactical combat!
  • 40+ Custom Jobs, 200+ Unique Heroes
  • The Valiant Force Mod Apk offers a variety of specialized courses and heroes to choose from. Build your team and choose your paths!
  • Practice and collect over 500 items
  • Change your heroes with different curiosity for equipment obtained by stealing dungeons or made of materials.
  • There are over 500 different items to collect!

Epic boss events

Fight them against scary boss monsters to find special events in the Valiant Force Mod Apk. He is waiting for a great bottle!

Build and organize your garrison

Build your garrison to upgrade heroes, send them on journeys, receive gold, gems, experience points, and much more. If you are short on the ground, choose your structures wisely!

The Final Verdict

Test your jacket and team strength in the PVP area! Climb the ranks for the most intense strategy-based PVP strategy and become a true battlefield tactic! Fortify your heroes with a grid-based Rune system. Mix and match runes that will help your hero in field battles. You are waiting for the only passive unlock ability!

Gather your friends and family to form guilds! Exclusive features and bonuses await all guild members with more development features.

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