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Yandex Music Apk – Listen and Download Android is an Android and Music Android app that you can use and install on your Android devices.

Find out what’s new and great about Yandex Music Apk!


  • Ten million songs
  • Commands are selected at any time
  • Hot new notes and unmarried
  • New personal recommendations daily
  • HQ sound
  • Create and share playlists of your favorite songs
  • Play music with or without internet connection
  • Yandex Music Radio
  • Knowledge of songs
  • New publications

    Be one of the most important publications on the subject, chosen by our editors.

    New and new playlists

    Listen to premiere – new music selected by a neural network based on your taste, hype – songs playing anywhere tomorrow, songs expected in new and specific genre playlists.

    Smart Playlists

    Enjoy hours of free music curated with our smart playlists in Yandex Music Apk. Playlists are automatically enhanced according to your preferences.


    The list of songs that Yandex Music Apk users are currently listening to is automatically updated

    Moods and Genres

    Selected updated section: songs by style and year, songs for different activities and atmospheres, working days, and parties.

    Turn on the radio with Yandex Music Apk

    Choose a mood, an activity, a favorite genre, or a season and enjoy listening to the station you created. Highlight by heart to save songs to a separate playlist. Rate more songs to play more radio music. When the app recognizes you, it gives you a personal radio.

    Advanced Features of Yandex Music Apk

    Huge music library

    Hits, premiere, free entry options – over 50 million songs. Rock, pop, rap, jazz, R&B, electronics, classical and international music.

    Custom Music Recommendations

    We select music and tracks for you (e.g. in-depth parts and new versions of your favorite genres) and offer you the pleasure of listening online. For Yango Music recommendations that suit your taste, log in to your Yango account as Facebook/UK.

    Song Recognition

    Find out what this song is, without Shazam. Click on the application microphone button and let Music play. The app detects which song it is and stores it in a special “Recognized” playlist. It is useful to recognize the song in the music, forget about Shazam!

    Popular Music Selections

    The application offers thematic options: soundtracks for TV series, classical music to learn, songs from the 80s and 90s, to relax and practice, road trip rock, electronic music for work,

    Easy To Use Apk

    Make your choice and playlists by adding songs directly from the player. Choose your favorite artists to receive news about their new versions. View lyrics in the app and sing. The songs on the phone that appear in the Yango music library are included in a variety of playlists. Connect your Facebook or UK account and see what your friends are listening

    The Final Verdict

    Download songs as full albums to your phone and play them anytime, with or without an internet connection.
    Listen to the difference – Turn on HQ mode. Play and download music at higher bit rates.

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