Zombie Shooter MOD APK v3.3.9 Download (Unlimited Money, Free Skills)

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App Name Zombie Shooter Apk
Publisher GBPlus
Size 40 MB
Latest Version v3.3.9
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Required 5.0 +
MOD Action/Adventure
Genre Action
Developer GBPlus
Update 14 hours ago
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Zombie Shooter Apk is an action and survival game: Last Days on Earth: a game inspired by Survival, but inspired by improved graphics. Get used to the familiar context of a post-apocalyptic world where wildlife and zombies are. If you want to live, you have to live in a cruel world.

You start in a safe place and gradually unlock the game map of the world. To discover the familiar behavior of survival games, collect materials such as stone, gold, and wood to build houses and necessary equipment in Zombie Shooter Apk. Plus, these activities allow you to level up and learn new character skills.

Zombie Shooter Apk


Despite the inspiration of The Last Days: Survival Survivors, the setting for Dark Days: Zombie Survival seems more expensive when they apply 3D graphics with a third-party perspective, such as MMORPGs It will destroy you by Explore the open and beautiful game world while fighting many different zombies. In Zombie Shooter Apk, Dark Day: Zombie Survival brings new 3D experiences to the great genre of a successful game.


The Earth is different now. An unknown plague has almost wiped out mankind, leading to an eternal struggle to survive. Almost the entire population is thirsty for blood zombies. The end of the world is coming and the cities are full of zombies. The army had to drop nuclear bombs in the worst places, but it was too late. The pandemic was taken by hand. All hope is shattered.

Features of Zombie Shooter Apk

Now everyone has only one choice: escape the city to find a place to escape hordes of zombies. In recent days, barns have been built to survive in the new post-apocalyptic environment.

That your mission is to fight the Dark Sun: Zombie Survival, collect resources, build weapons and equipment, build shelters, overthrow hordes of zombies and live in the post-apocalyptic world as much as possible. Try to live to the end and give hope to a new world.

The director of the movie Dark Days: Zombie Survival is like many games of the same genre. You use the virtual control bar on the left to move the character and they will set buttons for actions on the right.

Enter the game warehouse to stock up on weapons, tools, and clothing. You can also use the crafting menu to make all sorts of tools for safety trips.

Remember that you need resources to work on each item. That is why players should always check the wood, stone, hemp, and metal along the way.

As you play, you run a specific campaign by destroying all hordes of zombies on seven different battlefields.

Each country has attractive screens and different zombies that are difficult for players to conquer.

If you are in early places you can easily pass. But going to the next places is not easy. Players must have good skills to win.

The Final Verdict

Beautifully designed 3D graphics, fighting gestures are also suitable for the disgusting zombie gestures that make Dark Day: Zombie Survival fascinating Every character and zombie has a unique shape. It requires special skills to create diversity in the game. The context of the game is built in a lively way. Players feel the harsh environment, but full of the dead with many dangers approaching. It creates a real sense of struggle. Pistols are also beautifully made up of different types and shapes.

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