BitLife MOD APK Download 3.2.8 For Andriod (Bitizen Unlocked)

BitLife MOD APK game is based on players discovering and shaping their stories, so you’re good at doing everything in BitLife and your actions determine where you go. Your life begins as a sperm. You have access to all the options associated with your characters. Do what you want, make your own decisions, and find out if they are right or wrong.


Features Of BitLife MOD APK

Here are some of the highlights that BitLife MOD APK players want to see:

Personal Statistics To Check Yourself

In this game, you, the players will take various actions and decisions that will ultimately affect your personal statistics.

Name BitLife MOD APK
Version 3.2.8
Size 143 MB
Update 1 day ago
Required 4.4 +



This is one of the most important statistics because it determines your level of happiness. As long as you are happy, things will happen your way and you will feel more fully doing things. On the other hand, little luck can mean that your characters will suffer from depression. This results in less efficiency in all the activities involved.

Good Health

Good health is necessary if you want to live forever. It allows you to participate in many activities, increase your job performance and avoid having a short and unfinished life.

Smarter And Less Stressful

People need to be smart to understand what is going on around them. That said, you should spend some time learning and learning new things so that you can increase your intelligence level.


You were born with the faces your parents gave you. It can be ugly or beautiful, it doesn’t matter. With BitLife MOD APK everything can be changed. All it takes is a few small boxes to make money. That said, to improve your appearance, you can have plastic surgery that Brad Pitt will see. You can also stay away until the genre changes if you feel the old one is no longer appropriate.

Different Activities to Enjoy

Being the title of life simulator, players are given the opportunity to try everything and face their consequences.

At Work

It’s probably the most tedious activity, but since you’re earning, you can’t skip it. You need money to run your business, buy what you want, and help your loved ones.


And going to a nightclub every now and then is not a bad idea. This helps reduce stress as well as the opportunity to meet new people. Who can be a future partner? In addition, you will encounter all sorts of situations where you get caught in a fight while at the club, others offer marijuana, and so on.

Fitness Center

It’s important to keep your body in shape so you can look better and attract other people. Having a good fit will help you maintain your good physique. This can be useful in some cases if thieves visit your house or fight with bulls, etc.

Plastic Surgery

Another way to look beautiful is to go to the doctor for plastic surgery. A successful operation will make him a great person. You are more likely to find an attractive date afterward.

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