Cooking Craze Mod APK 1.69.0 Latest Version (Unlimited Money)

Cooking Craze Mod APK: In the game, players own restaurants and are given the opportunity to travel the world and open as many restaurants as possible. The gameplay is less complicated than you think while playing, just tap to make food as ordered by customers. Everything is automatically delivered and collected.

Cooking Craze Mod APK

As owners, players must use strategies to maintain and improve their business. This game requires skill and skill management of your time to serve customers on time, leading to a happy departure and receiving unique gifts and bonuses.

Cooking Craze Mod APK Download

Cooking Craze Mod APK

NameCooking Craze Mod APK
Size120 MB
Update1 Day Ago
Requires4.1 +


Features Of Cooking Craze Mod APK

  • Complex behavior and addiction

Players start slow and slow and then things speed up as the restaurant attracts more customers as players move through multiple levels with different foods. Customers appear at the counters and display a picture of the dishes they like.

Your job is to open the ingredient list on the food preparation table to satisfy your customers. Players are given a specific amount of time at each level and for each client. Make sure all the ingredients are full so you can focus on effective food preparation.

With "Cooking Craze" no energy required to replay the level, you will have five lives if you fail the level, you lose heart, and so on. Life can also win friends; so be sure to invite something.

  • Enjoy over 400 levels

There are over 400 levels that you will never tire of. Levels are open after players win the required stars. In the beginning, you will learn how to bake and decorate donuts. When you are done, start making burgers and squid. In the developing world, dishes, drinks, and desserts such as pancakes, ice cream, orange juice, and more are not unlocked.

As you progress, you will learn more goodies and skills. Your menu changes as the level changes, missions are updated regularly and you do not have to worry about repetition. In the next levels, there are bonus targets for winning more prizes.

  • Receive coins and cards

Cooking Craze Mod APK: Players receive coins, spoons, and a reaction card for each level they create. Comment cards are required to access new levels and locations. The higher the achievement, the more reaction cards you will earn. There are also bonus levels with special menus if players want to receive more coins to upgrade.

  • A mix of traditional foods from different cities

The various cities are ready to unlock once you complete a certain level. Your restaurant will also change in ten levels, there will be new upgrades for each restaurant.

Players can cook in places with unique opportunities, such as Rome, Prague, London, Seoul, etc. In each country, you will cook more than 100 ingredients and learn traditional local dishes. You make burgers in New York, make pizzas in Rome, cook on a bench in Seoul, and more.

  • An amazing list of achievements

There are three levels for each achievement: one star, one spoon, two stars for two tablespoons, and three stars for three tablespoons. There are different achievements for each level, for each city.

The Final Verdict

Most presentations take time to complete, such as "Flash in the pan!" you need to win it with the help of Insta-Cook 20, 100, or 1000 times; You must serve 500, 5000, or 20000 "Sever Supreme" customers. There are many more, and I will let you explore and unlock them yourself.

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