European War 4: Napoleon Apk 1.4.38 Download (MOD, Free Shopping)

European War 4 Mod Apk: Napoleon allows us to try to find out more about the conflicts that have arisen in America and Europe. Players can command and command troops from any country of their choice, such as France, Spain, or Great Britain, and each side has its own troops and special units.

European War 4 Mod Apk


The game is quite intuitive in a style of game style based on hex strategy. Each player will take their turn and all they have to do is choose the soldiers they want to defeat and where they want to go. The way the units move affects the ground on the wings, and sometimes players can build new military units that can be captured.

European War 4 Mod Apk

Name European War 4 Mod Apk
Version 1.4.38
Size 73 MB
Update 1 Day Ago
Requires 4.0.3 +



The Gameplay is Simple

There are six campaigns in total, and two have been unlocked since the beginning. In the first two, players can play alliances against both France and France. In addition, each campaign runs in different parts of the world, so players do not have to repeat themselves.

Through the conquest of land and city, players have the ability to create resources: food, money, and machine parts. It will give you farms and food associated with farms, as military units can use money and parts per round to buy units and create cities as forts. Gathering resources keep your economy moving forward so you can build a strong army and fight off enemies.

Units and Generals

Units are made in cities and can be divided into three types: artillery, cavalry, and infantry. The artillery unit can attack from a distance, it is good at offense, but it is bad at defense. The cavalry is in the middle and can move two spaces. Infantry is cheap and good at defense.

Gone Away

The battle is slow, there are not many actions and nothing special is happening. Since the game does not take place in real-time, it is important for players to plan strategies before starting. After completing a move, players can find out what their opponents will do.

If player units are on either side of the wing and cover four or more of the six spaces around them, they win and vice versa.

Conquest Mode and Campaign Mode

In Conquest mode you can choose the land you want in the game, defeat all enemies and occupy the whole map. There are many options for war.

Conquest Mode and Campaign Mode

In Conquest mode you can choose the land you want in the game, defeat all enemies and occupy the whole map. You can choose different war situations and different time periods. Conquest mode games can take time, they can be tedious and tedious, but you can save your progress and refresh yourself while refreshing. In campaign mode, players must complete goals in a specified number of rounds.

Final Verdict

Many players have suggested that other friends save as much money as possible by purchasing useful items to easily earn combinations. However, in the European War 4: Napoleon Mod APK, players get unlimited money, allowing them to buy whatever they want without hesitation.

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