Truecaller Premium Gold APK 12.58.7 Download Latest Version {2023}

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App Name Truecaller Premium Gold
Publisher GBPlus
Size 75.7 MB
Latest Version 12.58.7
Get it On Google Play
Required 4.4 +
MOD Symos
Genre Communication
Developer True Software Scandinavia
Update 3 hours ago
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Truecaller Premium Gold APK Remember someone using a phone with an old signature when you had to turn your finger to finger until you played for a minute? Or put old signs on the walls of your house; so that you don't get together again when you start a conversation? Or maybe we have buttons on our mobile phone and we are not familiar with the few smartphone components in front of us.

Truecaller Premium Gold APK

For centuries, modern cell phones have banned dating in the world. However, they do have some features that set them apart from the new features we are excited about.

When the phone rang we didn't know what the line was and we were surprised. When you call a caller, but the caller is not available on their contact list, there is no way to set up a caller in your area.

However, with today's new handbags, you can do more than just talk to them. Your potential customers can be identified if you receive a call with a special Android music app under the name Truecaller Premium Gold APK. There has been a shift in how we create apps and apps on our phones and apps like Truecaller Premium Gold to help migrants hide your name.

What is Truecaller Premium Gold APK?

Truecaller Premium Gold APK is the most advanced type of original calling experience that can give you access to the best of your gold friends. With over two million and fifty million users worldwide, Truecaller saves a lot of good and experienced information when it comes to smartphones.

An automated calling program on your phone has many options, some of which can be considered useless because you're not using it because your phone is useless and only saves time and RAM.

However, you cannot download the app only to play on your Android phones, you can set up the APK Truecaller Premium Gold and enjoy it with friends, family, friends, or even asking for a pizza. at night with girls with boys.

Version Info

Name Truecaller Premium Gold
Version 12.58.7
Size 75.7 MB
Modder Symos
Last updated 1 day ago

Download Truecaller Gold APK for Android

You can call, text, and video to get friends around the world whenever you want. It is a global network, it has been shown around the world, so you can connect with your friends from anywhere until they are very connected.

Customers can check the IP address of their contact list and know who in the call, dial their number, and work harder. You can also refer to bows and bows made by other users.


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 Download it today, because nothing really seems important.


Block incoming phone calls

All citizens are accounted for by the sending signature and prohibit telephone calls. This could be a business call or they don't know if they can send it without realizing the blockage has occurred.


Truecaller Lite app collects and collects information from a variety of sources and users to convert a blacklist to madness. If you see a certain distance linked to you, just refuse.

Record phone call

To make a phone with Truecaller Premium Gold color You need to make the phone comfortable and comfortable. User-created music can be connected to Truecaller Cloud and played whenever they want.

Backup and sync to the cloud

Create backup and connect with Cloud on the Truecaller Premium Gold Mote that allows you to save all you want and interact with Google Drive, including your music history, all your contacts, contacts, and messages.

This way you do not lose your data, you do not change the phone, to accept everything on your new device. This way you can start with everyone around you, even if you buy a new phone without worrying that you have forgotten everything.

Block spam messages

when we receive anything from anonymous creditors, let us know about the company we work for, or find out about any new work we sign up for. Some come from games or games, simply by filling in the contents of our phones.

Who viewed my profile

Truecaller Premium page that needs to be created for your personal address, including your login name, photo, and address. Make sure everyone knows when to start. Some people may see your site, but it's not possible to find the original free version.

Incognito mode

If you are looking for what others are saying, you will not receive any notifications, unless you have Truecaller Premium Gold on your devices.

No Ads

The ad may seem to confuse the topic. There is a Premium plate right where the person is singing, and bad signals should be acknowledged. It helps you look great and people may not want to take your cell phone. It sounds like an emergency call to a business phone. One of them cannot fail.

More contact requests

If you are thinking of expanding your site with more friends, you can meet new people with the Truecaller Premium Gold Request by sending 30 apps to other users asking for a number.

High priority support

It should provide answers to your questions and key topics.

How to Install Truecaller Gold APK on Android?

Step 1

Download Truecaller Gold APK from our site.

Step 2

Open the APK file and allow download from unknown sources.

Step 3

Go back to the same location and open it.

Step 4

Install the app.

Truecaller Premium Gold APK

Step 5

Open the app, login, and start to enjoy the application.

Truecaller Premium Gold APK

Final words

Unused data, spam, anonymous SMS, and external SMS transactions are always blocked before you connect to your Truecaller Premium Gold APK phone. You can close unwanted friends without intervening to deal with them.

Truecaller Premium Gold APK is a program for ringing phone calls with known messages, blocking unnecessary phone calls, shows names and photos, or puts them on your list. Consequently, this is a great application for your Android device. See the homepage for more information on it.

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